Pink Glitter Gradient

Hello gentle readers.

I decided to try a glitter gradient manicure. I did one, long ago and it didn't come out all that well, I think that this one came out much better. I could still use a bit of practice to get it to look just the way I want but I am pretty happy with this.

I applied two coats of China Glaze Dance Baby then did the glitter gradient with Shimmer Polish Vicki. I chose Shimmer Vicki because the base is pink tinted and I got a two-fer... I was able to get two shades of pink plus the pretty, pretty pink glitter. I topped the whole thing with Gelous then Seche Vite.

What do you think of glitter gradients? Do you like them? Do you do them? Please do tell.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

*Shimmer Polish Vicki was sent to me.*