Glitter Gradient

Hello gentle readers.

A quick post, today. This is a glitter gradient I wore a little while back. I created this with OPI Eurso Euro and Shimmer Polish Jenny. It is topped with Gelous and Seche Vite.

 Shot indoors under my OttLight.

Outdoors in full sun.

I like how this turned out. I wasn't able to figure out glitter gradients for a long time. I know... Huh? They are such no brainers. But that is how I roll. They confounded me something terrible. Now that I have cracked the secret (duh! just wipe excess polish off the brush and dab and swipe it on the nail) I find myself really enjoying glitter gradients. 

Thank you for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 


  1. Pretty glitter gradient! I always love wearing these :)

  2. Thank you. :)

  3. Melissa Lacquer ReverieJune 7, 2013 at 11:54 AM

    So pretty! I love blue so much. I could drop blue glitter on an old shoe and love it. :)

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  5. I *love* that glitter, and the polish combo you have here -- great swatches!

  6. Thank you. I love this glitter, too. It's a fave. :)

  7. I also love blue and glitter. I love that, drop it on an old shoe and still love it. I am so going to steal that! :D


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