Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Skinny Jeans: A Review

Hello gentle readers.

Some long while back I won this little box of Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips in a giveaway. I was grateful to receive them but scared stupid to try them. Seriously. Scared out of my ever loving little mind of these little ready made manicures. You see, I'm not so good at stuff like this, or so I thought. And I have read reviews where people have experienced bubbles and wrinkles and creases and endless frustration and I was convinced that it was going to be a lot of the same for me, so into a nail art supply drawer they went. And there they languished. For a long time.

One day last week, I got a wild hair and decided that was the day. The day I was going to brave the nail polish strips. For better or for worse, it was going to happen. So, with trepidation and hope I opened the package, dug out the contents, sixteen nail polish strips in various sizes, a small orangewood stick and a small emery file and an instruction sheet. I read the instructions very carefully, got everything ready to go and got my nail polish strip on. Got my ten nail polish strips on. And you know what? It was actually pretty easy.

There is definitely a little bit of a learning curve with this type of product, but once I got the hang of how they worked, it got easy and I was able to go right along. I learned that these like to be applied in a warm room. They need to be plastic and malleable in order to go on smooth and bubble and crease free.  If the strip is too wide, no problem, it is easy to trim away the excess along the edges with a nail or cuticle pusher. I applied one strip that was a bit too narrow and it left a gap of bare nail along one side. I took some of the excess material trimmed from the tip, trimmed it to a narrow strip, laid it in to cover the gap, then using a fine brush I applied a tiny bit of lacquer thinner to the seam, gently pressed with my finger (I do mean gently!!!) and let dry. The seam was nearly invisible! The repair could only be seen if you were looking for it and you knew it was there.

Once the strips were on, the free edges filed clean, I had a little excess along the sides and at my cuticles. What to do? "Uh... What are those strips made of?" Myself asked myself. "Nail polish, " I answered. "Well, how do you clean up nail polish?" "Of course!" I grabbed my cleanup brush and acetone and refined the strips where I wanted to do so. Happy-happy. Perfect fit!

As you can see, the tips are a tad rough, I have to learn to be a little more careful about filing away excess material and when I did cleanup I got a little carried away, here and there, And strips are a little harder to cleanup than wet polish so it isn't as perfected as I would like but I am still really happy with how the application turned out. The strips were lovely and shiny all on their own, not top coat was needed, and they are instantly set and dry. No waiting time, at all. I got right on with my day.

Wear time wasn't stellar. I wore these for four days. I think that my filing at the tips had something to do with how they wore. Again, practice... I would be inclined to top these with top coat and wrap my tips to boost shine and increase wear time and give my delicate nails more protection at the tips, next time.

I like Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. They are cute and fun to wear. They are easy, if a tad time consuming to apply. They come in a wide selection of pretty colours and fun patterns and I have seen seasonal designs, too. I'll definitely pick these up and use them, in the future, now that I am confident that I can use them successfully.

Have you tried nail polish strips? Either Sally Hansen or other brands? What do you think of them? Did you find them easy to use? Is there a particular brand that you really love? Don't like so much? Please do tell, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Now I'm kind of sad I didn't pick these up at Big Lots for $1 when I saw them! They look great on you!

  2. These look really cool. But I feel the same as you did - worried they could go wrong x

  3. These look super-cute on you! i adore nail polish strips, as long as they're real polish, like Sally Hansen or Incoco. In fact, I just got my latest Incoco order with 4th of July strips!

  4. Thank you. :) I have some Incoco, funny enough that I won in a little giveaway that are "in the drawer" that await my attention. Now that I am no longer afraid of them, I'll haul them out and use them. They are gold and shimmery, so I am saving them for an occasion. :) I have some NCLA strips I received for review, I am just waiting for my nails to grow a little more, then I'll get them on my nails. :)

  5. They can go wrong, but if you take your time, follow the directions, they come out really nice. Work in a warm (not hot) room, set the strip in place, then stretch it gently up the nail and side to side a little then smooth, smooth, smooth it down. Use plenty of firm but not too hard pressure. You really want to smooth them down and adhere them to your nails. I like to trim excess with a scissor before using the file. Then trim the excess on the sides and do cleanup. It's really not too hard. :)

  6. I thought that their Hallowe'en designs last year, particularly the ghosts were adorable. I hope that they do them, again. I want them, this year. :)

  7. For a buck? Really? My Big Lots just gets beauty junk. I see other people who find OPI and Essie and other great stuff, I get old, nasty, discontinued, nearly expired nobody wants it drugstore stuff. *sigh*


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