Fourth of July Nails: Done Twice *This is Long, There are Lots of Pictures*

Hello gentle readers.

Well, it's that time of year, again.

What's that? You might be asking.

Why that special time of year when I haul out red, white and blue nail shit and go crazy and than show you the results.

First of all, may I just say, Happy Fourth of July! to my fellow Americans! I hope that you have a fun and safe holiday.

Now, on to the comedy show that is this blog, every Fourth of July!

Manicure Number One began with all ten nails smoothly painted with China Glaze Snow, then I applied Shimmer Polish Nichole to my ring and thumb nails as my accent nails. So far, so good. What's next? Striping tape, baby! I recently bought some from Cheeky on Amazon and was eager to try it. I used blue and red diagonally up my nails. Crisp white nails with one red and one blue stripe? Clean, kinda seventies track suit. Okay, so... Stars. Yeah... Stars. Gotta have stars! I grabbed Wet-n-Wild Fergie Hollywood Walk of Fame and put a red, silver and blue star running up the stripes. All right. I like it. Simple, but alongside the glittery accent nails, I dig it. My husband thought it looked good, too. (He had popped in really quick from taking his 'rents to the doc, before going back to work.) So, I should have stopped there and applied top coat and left well enough alone.

But, nooooooo... You know me on Fourth of July. I just can't help myself. And I couldn't help myself. I have to add more sparkle. I just have to. As I was working on my stripes and stars, I kept looking at my bottle of China Glaze Fairy Dust that I had unwisely brought out and set in the pile of stiff I wanted to work with. I wasn't sure I would use it. In fact, I had pretty much talked myself out of it. Then it happened. The sparkle brain attack and... I did it. I grabbed that bottle of China Glaze Fairy Dust and against my better judgement, I slopped it over my neat, pretty nails. *I am shaking my head in disgust, right now.* I regretted it, immediately, of course. But I thought that maybe it would be okay. I did my Gelous and Seche Vite, oiled up my cuticles and took pictures.

Ugh! The fairy Dust didn't add as much sparkle as I thought it would, it just made my nails look dirty and grey and with the passage of time, the striping tape faded more and more. It went from brilliant red and blue to pastel pink and pale blue! What's up with that??!!

The longer this mess was on my nails, the crazier it drove me. Something had to give!

The white nails had to go! So off they came. Deep sigh of relief. Now what? A quick stash dive brought up China Glaze Snow, Ruby Pumps and Dorothy Who?, Shimmer Nichole and Bad Ass Polish America's Team (for stars). I got to work, Ruby Pumps on my pinkies, Dorothy Who? on my middle nails, Snow on my index nails. Hmm... I want moar sparkle, (remember, I can't help myself) glitter even for my index, too. Why the HELL don't I own a great white glitter polish? Who makes a great all white glitter? One like Ruby Pumps, only white? I can't remember ever seeing one... An indie? I dunno. But I still need sparkle to make this white index nail work and I want glitter, dammit.

What to use?

Back to stash diving. Yesss! China Glaze Snow Globe. That should work well enough over the white. Add some sparkle and still look white and iridescent. So a coat of Snow Globe goes on and... It's not ideal but it will work. Next, I dug a star for each index nail out of my bottle of Bad Ass America's Team and placed them. To finish up, I grabbed Shimmer Polish and did a stripe near the tip of each index nail. I did Gelous and Seche Vite and oiled up and snapped my photographs and I like the results of this second mani much more than the first one.

Wanna see?

Better, right? Not so cray. I would not be embarrassed to have this seen in public. That's saying something for one of my Fourth of July efforts.

If you got this far without rolling your eyes and saying "TLDR!" I applaud you and you deserve another hot dog. Or beer. Or slice of sweet, cold watermelon. Mmmm... Watermelon. Is there anything better on the fourth?

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a great day, enjoy your holiday and weekend and I'll see all of you on Monday!