OPI Tiffany Case: Review and Photographs

Hello gentle readers.

OPI Tiffany Case is one of the Bond girls Collection Liquid Sand polishes released this Spring and it is my favorite of the Liquid Sand polishes, ever.


Tiffany Case is a cool medium blue base with the Liquid Sand-y sand bits, shimmer and glittery sparkle particles of blue and silver and small round glitter pieces. There is a bit of a blackened undertone, as well. There is a delicious complexity to this polish that isn't present in all of the Liquid Sand polishes. I wear this polish and I drool all over my nails.

Yes. Drool. I don't mind admitting it.

This is two coats over my usual base coat, no top coat.

I am enamored of the formula on the OPI Liquid Sand polishes. I find them easy to work with; they are smooth, fluid, sit beautifully down where they are placed flow up the nail without dragging or streaking, The first coat is normally sheer, I usually have opacity by the second coat, with a couple of them, I need three. Dry time is good, but time is needed to allow them to fully dry and cure and reach that gorgeous packed sugar sand finish. I normally get a good, solid four days wear from OPI Liquid Sand polishes. Removal of these polishes is as easy as application.

I love OPI Liquid Sand. These sandy, sparkly polishes have really grabbed on to me and I hope that this trend is here to stay around for a good, long time. A part of me is hesitant to buy too many of these types of polish, tho as I don't want to invest too much of my precious polish budget on them, in case the trend doesn't last.

Do you own the beautiful, cool blue Tiffany Case? Isn't it gorgeous? Doesn't it just make magic on your nails? If you are interested in picking up this polish, you should be able to find it where OPI polishes are sold.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a fantastic day, stay cool and may your polish never bubble.


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