China Glaze Party Fowl and Flock Together Swatches and Review

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have two of the new China Glaze On the Horizon polishes to share with you. These are Feathered Finish polishes, tiny, soft, matte bar glitters in coordinated colours are suspended in fluid base and when applied to the nails are supposed to look like feathers. And you know, they kind of do.

 I was skeptical about this collection, I saw it on a couple of blogs and I was going to pass on it because I mean, really... How much bar glitter does one girl need? One day I was in Sally's and I saw these polishes on a display and, curious, I picked up a bottle and started swirling it around and I was pulled in by the colours and movement of the bars and suddenly, I had to have the collection. The whole collection.

Good thing I had a coupon.

First up I have Party Fowl, a blend of black, blue and orange bars. I am not a bird expert but this reminded me of a picture of a bird I had seen not too long ago so I went digging for it and found it. The Superb Starling has similar colouring, don't you think?

I swatched China Glaze Party Fowl over my undies, one generous coat, topped with Gelous and Seche Vite.

Next we have China Glaze  Flock Together. This is a deeper, cooler mix of black, blue and green. This immediately reminded me of a Steller's Jay, a large, blue bird with black markings, a mohawk, a loud voice and plenty of attitude. There were jays all over the place where we lived in Nor Cal, growing up. When I was a kid, my brothers and I built simple feeders on the fence posts and put dog food on them and the jays would descend out of the pines and perch in squawking, arguing packs and gobble their treat then fly back up into the high branches and yell at us until we put more food on their platforms.

This is one generous coat of China Glaze Flock Together over undies topped with Gelous and Seche Vite.

The formula on these polishes is pretty nice. While it is basically a bar glitter, the bars are tiny and soft and flexible and they have movement and an almost organic feel. The base is very fluid and easy to work with, a combination of stroking and gentle placing will give a pretty even, somewhat opaque coat. Some of the polishes offer up a more opaque coat than others. You can easily add additional coats or just fill in here and there to get the look you desire. Dry time is good, these dry surprisingly smooth and one coat each of Gelous and Seche Vite made for a perfect, glassy finish.

What do you think of these two China Glaze On the Horizon polishes? Do you like them? Do they make you think of feathers? Birds? That I'm a little crazy? If you are into these, you should be able to find them where you buy China Glaze. I cleaned out my local Sally's and they claimed that they weren't getting any more. (Yeah.... Right... ) But I have seen these on Amazon, I imagine that you can find them at other beauty supplies, Ulta and the like.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading and have a terrific day.