Fresh Summer Cherries Nail Art

Hello gentle readers.

I have been meaning to do cherry nail art on my nails for a long time. I see them all of the time and think that I should do that then I either do something else or I forget or I think that I'll screw it up and I just don't do it.

The other day, I sat down to do a little nail art and I decided it was time to go for it and create some cherries. I painted all of my nails except for my ring nails with OPI Pink Friday and dotted them with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White. I polished my ring nails with OPI Alpine Snow and made ripe, red cherries with China Glaze With Love and a dotting tool. Then I painted the stems with China Glaze Call of the Wild with a tiny art brush and the leaves were painted with China Glaze Starboard. I finished the cherries by adding tiny highlights with a little Alpine Snow on my tiny art brush. Seche Vite Topped everything off.

Now that I know that cherries are easy, fun and Erika-proof nail art, I will probably be doing them more often.

So, what kind of new nail art have you tried lately? Something ornate and amazing? Simple and elegant? Fun and fanciful? If you are a nail art newb, what would you like to try for the first time?

Thank you so much for coming in and reading and sharing your thoughts. Your presence and comments are always welcome. Stay cool and have a great day.