I Love Nail Polish Candy Gram (Land Shark!)

Hello gentle readers.

I Love Nail Polish Candy Gram is... Scrumptious! A clear glitter base carries with it an ebullient mix of small white square, medium bright blue hex, medium red round, tiny black bits and shreds, medium black bars, shreds and rhomboids, some tiny glitter and jumbo white heart glitters. After some thinning, this applied pretty easily. The glitter dispersed evenly and smoothly without having to do much patting or placing. I did have to fish the big hearts off the brush and place them with the pointy tip of one of my dotting tools, but no problemo. I expect to, with jumbo glitter pieces.

Dry time is pretty good with this glitter. Two coats of Seche Vite made it all perfectly glossy and smooth and delicious. I wore this over OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips. I love the combo. So sweet. I think that a certain candy obsessed blogger would like this.

 This is one that I need to upgrade from mini to full size. I like it. I like it like crazy. My nails look like cupcakes with sprinkles. I don't normally like sprinkles but I like these.

What do you think of I Love Nail Polish Candy Gram? Isn't it fun and sweet and bright? Would you buy this and turn your nails into a sweet treat?

How is it already Friday? This week flew by at the speed of light. It was Monday now the weekend is about to begin. I am glad that this week is over, tho. It was a little stressful. I'm happy to have a chance to breathe.

I hope that you enjoyed this offering. Thank you so much for popping in and reading and have a terrific Friday.