Liquid Lacquer Collide Into You

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a polish that is one of three that I recently won in a giveaway hosted by the lovely Tracey, the author of the blog, The Sparkling Hoard. Tracey is inspiring. She bravely defies a health condition that tells her that she isn't supposed to have long nails and do manicures and nail art and she sallies forth, grows her nails and paints them in beautiful polishes and glitters and does wonderfully creative nail art. She does some of the best lettering on her nails I have ever seen. If you haven't checked out Tracey's blog, yet, please click the link above and mosey on over and say hi.

Liquid Lacquer Collide Into You is a beautiful Kelly green jelly base packed with fun, bright round glitter pieces in hot pink and yellow as well as tiny glitter bits. I applied two coats of this polish, should really have gone with three but I was kind of in a rush and I didn't want to take the time. The glitter applied a little sparingly for me, I think another coat would have given me more. I think it looks pretty nice as it is, tho. The biggest pieces needed to be fished out and placed, I expect that with glitter and it's no problem, I never ding a polish for it. All in all, the formula and application of this one is very nice. Dry time is good and it is, for a chunky glitter mix amazingly smooth, too. I only needed one coat of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite for glossy, glassy perfection.

I was really impressed with how well this polish wore. I had this on for five full days, including a down and dirty bathroom top to bottom GI and had minimal tip wear only on my dominant hand. No chipping. Colour me impressed. This is some of the easiest glitter polish I have ever removed. The base came off like any jelly polish, the bigger bits of glitter came off with a shove from an orangewood stick then a quick swipe to finish up. No soaking required. You have to love that! I like this polish. I heartily recommend it.

 Let me see if I can find the link to where you can get your hands on it. Hang on... Here it is. Liquid Lacquer. Looks as if they are between stock up, right now. Hold on there should be a Facebook link where you can get news on future releases and so forth... Liquid Lacquer's Facebook Page.

What do you think of Liquid Lacquer Collide Into You? Do you own this or another Liquid Lacquer polish? Please do share.

Thank you so much for dropping in and reading. Have a great day!