OMG Nail Strips: Review and Photographs

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Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a review of OMG Nail Strips. These are nail polish strips, available in fifty different designs from sweet to edgy to out there. The company is planning to add more, in the near future. The nail polish strips sell for $6.89 a set and there are special offers available. Shipping is free.

I chose the White Floral Pattern Nail Polish Strips to try and review. They have a retro cute floral design in purple, pink, orange, green, blue and yellow on a crisp white ground. I thought that the design was fresh and fun and perfect for the Dog Days.

The OMG Nail Polish Strips were packaged in a bare bones sealed plastic envelope. When OMG contacted me, they said that they were changing their packaging. No worries. There were sixteen nail polish strips on paper backing with clear plastic toppers, like any other nail polish strips. The OMG strips were quite soft and had a fairly strong vinyl scent. They were easy to apply, tho a little care is needed while forming them to the nails, as they are not as tough as some strips I have used. Customizing the size is simple, I used scissors to trim away excess material from the sides of strips that were too big, then simply did cleanup as I would with any manicure to further perfect and refine the fit and shape. Easy-peasy.

These strips didn't seem to dry completely, they remained soft and dentable the whole time they were on my nails and they didn't last for long. The strips dulled and there was considerable tip wear in a day or two, with significant areas tearing away. I can't blame the strips for this. I have to chalk it up to user error. You see, someone, whose name we won't mention, failed to read the Application Instruction Page where the instructions clearly state to use top coat. Yours truly neglected that all important step. So, total fail on my part. I have no doubt that had I done as the instructions said, these adorable polish strips would have lasted a lot longer.

OMG Nail Polish Strips are nice, they are pretty, easy to use and, I have no doubt, if the user follows the directions, *ahem* they will last a reasonable amount of time. The price is great, special offers are available and shipping is free. If you are interested, I recommend that you give OMG Nail Polish Strips a try. You can Like OMG Nail Strips on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading and have a terrific day.

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