Color Club The Uptown: Swatch and Review

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Hello gentle readers.

Color Club The Uptown from the Girl About Town Collection for Fall is a beautiful glowing purple jelly packed with multichrome flakies that shift green, gold, bronze and blue, depending on the angle at which it is viewed and how the light is hitting it. Translucent, squishy jelly and multichrome flakies. Yum. Yeah, you need this stuff.

First post with photos taken with my new camera. They are better. I am still learning, so it is going to take time for my shots to get to the level I want them to be but I am so happy with my new camera. It's nothing fancy but it is light years ahead of Old Faithful. The resolution is amazeballs, the colour accuracy, clarity, the detail on macro shots. White balance. I have freaking white balance, now! Woo hoo! If you want to see my new toy, click my Instagram button, I have a lousy cell phone pic of it on my Instagram.

Okay, back to the polish. Sorry about the smeary bottle... Higher resolution means that I need to remember to polish the bottles more carefully! Who knew? These swatches are two coats and Seche Vite.

Check out this super close up. I need to work on my technique. Clearly. But dang! Look at that detail! I could never get detail like that with Old Faithful.

The formula on this polish is a hum dinger.

Hum dinger? Really, Erika? Really?

It is kind of different. You know what... Thin-ish preserves feel like? Sort of jelly, sort of liquid, sort of viscous? With ground up chewy fruit in it? When you pick it up on the tip of your knife and set it down on your toast and it spreads and sort of "pushes" into place then sits where you placed it, all glistening and perfect? Well, that is what applying this polish reminds me of. It is super easy to control, once you sit it down, it just softly plops into place, then "pushes" ahead of the brush to settle into place. There is some stroking, painting, like regular polish, the rest is like putting preserves on your breakfast. It's odd and kind of fun.

It is best to let this one dry a few minutes between coats. Trust me. Usually, I just go full steam ahead. Damn the torpedoes, aint nobody got time to wait between coats when swatching. I waited with this one. I did two and had very nice opacity with no streaks, runs, bubbles or other nonsense. The cleanup I did was just fussbudget refining because I can't leave well enough alone. Ever. And I have a bit of a tremor and well... You know how it is when you are a little shaky. Dry time is pretty decent. This polish dries satin matte, plenty of top coat is a must for glossy, shiny, squishy perfection.

What do you think about Color Club The Uptown? Isn't it gorgeous? Aren't you craving it? Don't you think you need it? If you're in to it, you can find it here. This beauty should also be available at various retailers and beauty supplies where you find Color Club.

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I have two more beautiful Ruby Wing polishes, but they need sun. Something we have had little of for weeks. Yes, this is Arizona. And we are in a rainy, cloudy period. It's wonderful because the moisture and cooler temps are desperately needed and welcome but the sun is rarely shining when I need it to be! We should be getting some clearing, soon, tho.

Okay, this blog entry and review has been all kinds of weird and rambling. If you actually read everything, I salute you. And am sending cookies. You earned them! Thank you so much for coming by and reading and have a wonderful day.

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