Great Bargain Beauty Tool Find

Hello gentle readers.

It seems like a simple little thing, really. Liner pencil pencil sharpeners. I mean, what's the big deal? A sharpener's a sharpener.


Not so much.

I have been through a handful of them in the past few years, all insanely cheap and all insanely awful. From Revlon to Wet-N-Wild to a few others, drugstore sharpeners have been consistently terrible. You know how it is, insert pencil, twist and... Ugh. Instead of a smooth, clean sharpening, I'd get a chewed up end that looked as if it was attacked by a clan of rabid beavers. I would shove the pencil in again and again and again and, an inch of product later, finally get something vaguely resembling a point I would consider putting somewhere near my eye.

On a dare.

Those cheap sharpeners don't seem so cheap, when I think about how much of my liners they have eagerly consumed over the years.

I thought about ponying up ten dollars plus shipping for a fancy-schmancy sharpener by a favorite makeup company of mine when I remembered a glowing recommendation I received on Facebook for the Beautique Sharpener sold at Sally Beauty supply. Of course, being the lame brain I am, for the longest time I kept forgetting to buy one. Finally, the last time I was in my local Sally's, I remembered to pick one up. It was around four dollars with my Sally Beauty Club Card. Not bad. I figured if it was a piece of junk, the price wouldn't make it heartbreaking.

It's not a piece of junk.

Here is the Beautique brand sharpener. It looks like a standard liner pencil sharpener. It has a clear plastic hinged cover around it to catch shavings.

The cover can open top and bottom.

This sharpener is a dual sharpener, it can accommodate standard and jumbo pencils.

It does a very nice job sharpening my liners. It sharpens quickly and smoothly without eating up half the pencil, it doesn't leave jagged edges and splinters all over the place and it doesn't do terrible things to the pencil, it's self. This sharpener doesn't make the point too long, too dull, too sharp, break it off over and over, make it fat, skinny, fat, skinny so that it breaks and smashes all over my face the moment I try to use it. It just makes my point look like the picture, below. Quickly and easily, in just a few quick, smooth twists. Yes, the photo below is my nude liner after being sharpened with this sharpener. Nice, huh?

I like this sharpener. A lot. And I am going to pick up another one next time I' am in Sally's so that I have one for light pencils, one for dark. I don't like having to obsessively clean, clean, clean my sharpener between pencils. I don't mind cleaning it, but cleaning it between a black and nude liner? Ridiculous.

If you are tired of struggling with less than stellar sharpeners, if you are on the look out for a great liner pencil sharpener for an affordable price, I recommend the Beautique sharpener from Sally Beauty Supply.

Have you tried this brand liner pencil sharpener? What do you think of it? Do you think that you might like to try it?

Thank you so much for stopping in and reading and have a beautiful day.