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Hallowe'en Nail Art

Hello gentle readers. Yeah. I know. Weird, huh? Nail art three times in one month? What's going on around here? Have we slipped into a vortex? An alternate universe? Is someone running a fever, here? It's okay. Don't panic. Everything is okay, you are safe and sound where you are, normalcy (well, as close to normalcy as it gets, around here) reigns and you do not need to run to the medicine cabinet for Advil. I had a little fun with skittle style nail art, the other day. Skittle style nail art is something I am kind of getting into, lately. I am developing a real taste for interesting, multifaceted designs, something fun on each nail, cohesive yet not matching. Yeah... I'm into it. I started out by applying Orly Black Pixel to my index nail, two coats. No top coat. Orly Black Pixel is  a nice textured polish, I recommend it, if you haven't checked it out, yet. The rest of my nails went bright orange with Orly Orange punch. My middle nail went dotty, spooky s