Happy Hallowe'en and Welcome to the Monsters Ball!

Boo! Gentle readers!

Happy Halloween and welcome to my swatches of the Monsters Ball polishes by China Glaze that I picked up. This is a long one with lots of photographs, so settle in, you're going to be busy for a little while! Monsters Ball is a collection of four glitter polishes, one textured black matte and a glow in the dark top coat. I passed on the texture as I wasn't into it and the Ghoulish Glow, as I had had a bottle languishing in a drawer for a couple of years that I recently sent to a young friend of mine. I just indulged in the glittery goodness from this collection. I love it when China Glaze does collections like this, they are Hallowe'en gone glam and the polishes are not just Hallowe'en, they can easily go on to other occasions and holidays. So, even if you didn't get these for Hallowe'en, pick them up, enjoy them at other times, too.

 Many sorrys for not having this up sooner but I did not have these polishes until just a few days ago. I got them on my nails and in the can as quickly as I could. Ready? Set! And here we go.

Howl Ya Doin'?

 Thick, somewhat goopy purple, jammy jelly base packed with orange and purple glitter and flakies. A bit streaky on the first coat and watch out for dragging! The glitter can go on a bit unevenly, but everything evens out and gets nice and smooth and opaque after the second coat. Dry time is pretty good. This is thirsty! Two coats of top coat is suggested. I use Gelous and Seche  Vite. Works for me.

Macro, to show off the purple and orange mini flakies and glitter. You should see this in person! I could see this gracing nails for Mardi Gras, in the Summer... Definitely versatile. 

Bat My Eyes

China Glaze Bat My Eyes is a beautiful mix of murky, blackened green jelly and a mix of fine and small hex gold glitter and random orange and green bar glitters. This polish has a nice formula, it applies easily and doesn't give any trouble like dragging, streaking or pooling. The glitter distributes evenly and smoothly with little additional patting and coaxing. Very nice. I miss the gorgeously fluid glitters China Glaze treated us to in the last few years. Oh! Were they splendid! I would love to have seen this be like those. But this is nice. Dry time is good, have the top coat standing by! I used Gelous and Seche Vite.

A little macro action for you. This isn't just Hallowe'en, you know. As you can see, the bars are sparse and they don't interfere with the glam factor. Imagine this baby on your nails on New Year's Eve. Or on a hot date. Going out with the girls for drinks. Yeah. You need this. 

Fang Tastic

Happy, fun, lighthearted, childhood dreams of Hallowe'en on your nails. This ebullient mix of of glitter pieces in pink, green, blue and purple in sizes ranging from tiny to large all swimming in a clear base is shown over Orly Orange Punch and topped with Gelous and Seche Vite. This glitter can so easily go from season to season, occasion to occasion. If you love happy, bright, fun glitter mixes, you would love this. Imagine this in Spring over pink and yellow, in Summer over a shimmery fuchsia, for Holiday over silver... You get the idea! Application is about standard for a glitter of this ilk; go easy, be ready to stroke, coax a little and pat a bit and you are home free. Lots of top coat, don't forget.

Macro for your eyeballs. Feast them. Sooo pretty!


China Glaze Boo-Gie-Down (Okay, who is having a seventies crush, right now?) evokes ruined splendor. When I look at this glitter, I feel such a sense of despair and faded glory. Once magnificent mansions, now fallen into disrepair and partially burned, yet retaining a glimmer of their former grandeur. Faded heiresses, spent out, desperately digging through piles of once fashionable and insanely expensive, now mouldering handbags for just a little more coin to fund just one more night of drinks. This glitter is dark and sad, bright and tawdry, fascinating and slightly repellent. I love it. Seriously. Love. It.

Macro number one. Yep. I am treating you to two. Because this stuff is all that. A clear base carries a mix of insanity and clarity in the form of tiny to huge glitter pieces in a variety of squares to hex to rounds to long, thin bars in gold, silver, copper, black and white. Application of this is about what any experienced glitter hound would expect. It's not bad, truly, it isn't. And you know I am honest about these things. Just have a little forbearance and you will be rewarded. Gelous and Seche Vite made this glossy, shiny and sparkly. It could go matte, too. 

Just one more look. Fall into it. I dare you. I swatched this on a nail wheel over a dark, murky green and it blew my mind. Could you see this over a deep, dusty red? A mustard yellow? A grungy, ugly blue... Guh! This could rock your socks, any time. Anywhere. 

So, gentle spooky ones. What say you about the glittery glamorous four of the China Glaze Monsters Ball Collection? Do you love? Loathe? Do you own any of these beauties? Are any tickling your fancy? Tempting you to acquire, in spite of the fact that they won't be yours in time for Trick-or-Treat? 

As hard as I am crushing on all four of them, I have a couple of clear favorites. Bat My Eyes and Boo-Gie-Down are my two big loves. I am not planning to kick any of them out of my collection and I will use them, in the future because they are all that good, that beautiful and that wearable. 

Thank you so much for spending a little of your Hallowe'en hanging around with me and my crazy blog. We love having you here and appreciate your input in your thoughtful comments. Have a happy, safe and spooktacular holiday!