October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! Nail Art and My Tribute to Sabryna

Hello gentle readers.

Did you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month? I didn't, until Leticia at Cosmetics Afecionado was getting a nail art roundup together to honor and bring attention to Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Having been a shelter dog mama myself, this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart and it is important to me that as many dogs in shelters as possible can find loving, forever homes. I encourage everyone who is considering adding a dog or cat or other creature into their family to first go to their local shelters, Animal Control adoption facilities, breed rescue organizations or consider adopting from a family who has been surprised with an unexpected litter. One person can't save every unwanted pet in the world but when you save just one unwanted pet, you change that pet's entire world. And that makes a big, big difference.

My nail art look for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month is in shades of grey with touches of white and black, to evoke my late Sabryna and her beautiful, crazy coat and a dot of blue for her blue collar. The black and silver nail symbolizes the steel fence around the run in which she was held when I first met her on that bright chilly, windy day in March, 2002. She was a cherished member of our family until we said goodbye to her on March 29th of this year. She was fourteen and she had a happy, love filled life and she brought us so much joy.

This picture of Sabryna was taken in 2010, she had just had a bath and was out on the front balcony, drying off in the warm July sun. That dog hated having a bath but she loved being all wet and cool, afterward, she always felt all frisky and smiley.

We don't have a dog in our family, right now. We are waiting for a while but when the time is right, we will be adopting from the shelter, again.

Please check out the other manicures in honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and if you are considering adding a pet to your family, please, adopt. If you can't adopt a pet, please consider donating money, food, toys, bedding and other desperately needed supplies to your local shelter. Every little bit helps.

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Thank you for popping in and reading and have a great day.