OPI In the Cable Car Pool Lane

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Monday Morning to you. Are you at all as freaked by how fast this month is going by as I am? I mean, really, this whole year? Is it just me or was it just the New Year and now we are staring into the teeth of Hallowe'en and the Holidays!

Today I want to share with you the beautiful OPI In the Cable Car Pool Lane from the San Francisco Collection. This glorious, deep, red-violet crelly is one of the surprise beauties of the collection, for me. When I picked up this polish, I thought I was buying another burgundy and I didn't really know why I was buying another burgundy polish because really... I need more burgundy polish like I need to gain another five pounds.

This polish isn't burgundy.

We'll leave off discussion of the five pounds...

I applied two coats of OPI In the Cable Car Pool Lane, then I added an extra coat to a couple of nails that needed it to get full coverage of my ridges. I topped this mani with Seche Vite. Look. Just look how shiny!

OPI In the Cable Car Pool Lane has a fantastic formula. It flows off of that splendid Pro-Wide Brush I love so much, sits sweetly down where it is placed, whispers up the nail like a dream, it is slightly streaky on the first coat then it it is smooth, opaque and perfect on the second. If you have smooth nails, twoo should do you. I needed an extra coat on a couple of nails to cope with my ridges! This polish behaves so very beautifully. There was no nonsense. No running, pooling, dragging or pulling or bubbling. I had very little cleanup to do, mostly just fussbudget refining, because you know, that's how I roll. Dry time is very good, especially with Seche Vite. Wear time on this polish was impressive, in my eyes. I wore this polish for eight days and it held up well, showing lots of even tip wear and one small chip. Not too shabby for over a week of hard wear.

Do you own OPI In the Cable Car Pool Lane? What do you think of it? Love it? Want it? If you are thinking that you'd like to glom on to it, it's for sale at Ulta, JC Penny Salons and other places you buy OPI in your area.

Thank you so much for popping in and reading and hanging out for a little bit. I hope that you have a great day and are set to have a terrific week.