OPI Lost on Lombard: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

OPI Lost on Lombard from the Fall San Francisco Collection is a beautiful, shiny, rich brick red creme polish. While it is certainly not anything particularly new or unique, Lost on Lombard is definitely worth picking up if you don't already own a polish in this particular shade or, if like me, you can't seem to stop yourself from buying yet. another. beautiful red polish.

This swatch is two coats of OPI Lost on Lombard topped with Seche Vite.

OPI Lost on Lombard has a formula that is simply gorgeous. Smooth, creamy-dreamy, easy to apply and to control. The viscosity is nearly perfect, it flows off of the brush, sits right down where it is placed then sings up the nails without streaking, dragging, pulling, running, pooling in the edges of my nails, flooding my cuticles or bubbling.  Dry time is pretty good, Seche Vite makes it even better.

Did you pick up OPI Lost on Lombard or any of the other beautiful polishes from the San Francisco Collection for Fall?

I am still showing Fall polishes and am plotting my purchases from the Winter/Holiday collection. My wishlist from that one is a little more limited than I thought it would be. Probably a good thing for my budget. I'll still be doing a little damage, tho.

Thank you so much for swinging by and reading and have a great day!


  1. I'm with Phyrra...that's YOUR red. Fabu color on you, Erika.

    Actually, I didn't pick up any from this collection. Haven't had much free time the last month or so, which has kept me out of the stores. Good thing for my wallet, but sad-making for my collection.

    Hey, don't know if I've mentioned this before but you've got one helluva gorgeous eponychium. I say that and then it occurs to me that only a truly obsessed nail lover would take pains to appreciate a healthy eponychium. That or I've finally lost it. :)

    Happy Tuesday, Erika!

  2. Such a lovely red...perfect for fall!

  3. Wow!! What a stunning colour! Beautiful pics. :)

  4. Aw, thanks. I love this red. :)

  5. Thank you. I can't resist a great red.

  6. Thank you. It is, isn't it? :D

  7. Thank you. I like this, so much. :)

  8. I agree. I am looking for the perfect green creme to pair with it. I am thinking of picking up Zoya Hunter. :)

  9. Thank you. I think so, too. :D

  10. Thank you. Maybe you need some new polish in your life. :)

  11. Thank you so much. I like how red looks on me. :D

    Look at salons and so on for clearance, soon. You should be able to find some on sale. Good for your collection and your budget. :D

    Awww, thank you! That means a lot! I worked really hard on them, at first, now I have a good, easy, low maintenance routine that keeps them in pretty good shape.

  12. I think you do. It's gorge and would look wonderful on you.


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