Ruby Wing Scented, Colour Changing polish in Chocolate Mousse: Swatch and Review

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Hello gentle readers.

Today I have another Ruby Wing polish from their Cupcakes and Champagne Collection for Fall. This is Chocolate Mousse, a somewhat chocolate scented, colour changing base with mylar shards. This starts out ivory then swiftly morphs a deep, intense purple in the sun. Chocolate Mousse is crazy jelly, insanely translucent and squishy when purple. It looks like smooth, melted grape jelly with jewels embedded in it all over your nails. It's wild.

This swatch is two coats of Ruby Wing Chocolate mousse over two coats of white creme polish topped with Seche Vite.

Ruby Wing Chocolate Mousse over white creme, indoors. 

Out in the sun. Was I lying? Look how translucent, you can see right down into the polish, the mylar shards sparkle like jewels in the sun. You have to see this in person. Seriously. You have to.  Before you move on, look down into the bottle. Doesn't it look like a giant, purple opal? 

The formula on Ruby Wing Chocolate Mousse is a touch thick. This is a polish that you want to treat with some care, have plenty on the brush, work quickly but don't rush it, be smooth and deliberate but don't roughhouse it. You will need to cozen the mylar shards a little. They distribute fairly well on their own but they like to bunch up and hang together a bit and you will need to break up their little cliques and spread them around. This needs a good, high shine top coat, I suggest a couple of coats, as it tends to be textured due to the nature of the mylar shards. 

What do you think of Ruby Wing Chocolate Mousse? Like? It isn't your normal shattered glass sparkle topper. If you kinda like that look but want a little something more, something special, this may be right up your alley. If you think that Ruby Wing Chocolate Mousse needs to be yours, you can find it here.

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Thank you so much for swinging by and reading and have a great day!

*Press Sample*