Ruby Wing Sweet Cream Scented, Colour Changing Polish: Swatch and Review

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Hello gentle readers.

Can I just start by saying...

I freaking HATE Photobucket! I have my social media buttons hosted on my Photobucket. I was recently informed that I was close to my bandwidth limit for my free account (who wants to pay for Photo-frakking-bucket?) so I really quickly transferred almost everything to my Flickr and thought I was in the clear. Nope. Photobucket decided that I had, instead exceeded my bandwidth and cut me off. Now, even tho I have practically noting in my library, I have to wait until the eleventh for my bandwidth to reset. So, you are probably thinking why doesn't she just hose her buttons on Flickr and tell Photobucket to kiss her ass? I tried. I couldn't make it work.

If any of you host your social media buttons on Flickr and have them on your Blogger blog, what code are you using to make it work? So, I have no social media buttons, right now. I hate Photobucket. They are so stupid!

Okay enough of that.

Ruby Wing Champagne and Cupcakes  is the new colour changing and scented Nail polish collection for Fall 2013 from Ruby Wing. These polishes are toppers that are largely clear or a light, sheer tone indoors that shift to a deep, intense jelly shade in the sun. These polishes are also scented to resemble dessert scents.

Ruby Wing Sweet Cream is a beautiful sheer lavender pink jelly with very fine duochrome pink to purple colour shifting flaky shimmer. Indoors, it is barely pink and shimmery, out in the sun, it swiftly shifts to a deep, rich purple jelly with an intense fuchsia shimmer. This polish is really beautiful to look at. It transformed the delicate lavender pink creme base over which I applied it into something truly special. The instant I walked out into the sun, this polish shifted to it's altar ego. It was fully morphed in less than ten seconds.

The scent is not too strong, which is a mercy. I am going to be perfectly honest here; I am not the biggest fan of scented nail polish. Not because I dislike scented products. I love scented products. The bigger, richer the scent in a product, the happier I usually am. However, I find the soft, sweet fragrance of cream, vanilla, a hint of butter mixed with the jarring smell of the chemical stew of nail polish to be an unhappy experience. To my nose, the two just don't mix in a beautiful way. I would far rather just have the straight up polish scent and the gorgeous shimmer and the beautiful colour change. Once top coat is applied and the polish is on for a bit, the scent starts to fade. It is't powerful or difficult to live with and it certainly won't keep me from wearing and enjoying this beautiful polish.

This swatch is two coats of Ruby Wing Sweet Cream over Two coats of Color Club She's So Glam topped with Seche Vite.

Indoors. See how the shimmer elevates the simple pastel creme and makes it look like a sugar cookie with royal icing and a glaze of crystallized sugar. So pretty! 

Out in the sun. Just look at that deep, rich purple. The bottle colour is the correct shade. My camera skewed my nails a little blue. *sigh* I don't know how manipulate photos to correct something like that. Look at that translucent, jelly squish and that shimmah. Yes, you have to growl a little when you say, "Shimmah!"

The formula on Ruby Wing Sweet Cream is a little on the thick, slightly goopy side. It needs a steady, smooth hand and a quick application. It is quite streaky on the first coat, as I found out when I took it out in the sun after just one coat, Two are definitely needed to get the result you see in my sun shot. Other than that, this polish didn't give me any trouble, really. It didn't run or pool on my edges, there was no flooding my cuticles, it didn't pull or drag or bubble. Dry time is quite good. Top coat is recommended. 

So, gentle reader. What do you think of Ruby Wing Sweet Cream? Think that you might be in to grabbing a bottle for yourself? If you are interested, you can grab it right here on the Ruby Wing website or anywhere in your area you find Ruby Wing polish.

Like Ruby Wing on Facebook to keep up with news you can use. Follow them on Twitter. Check Ruby Wing out on Pinterest and they are on Instagram, too!

Thank you so much for coming by and reading and have a lovely day!

*Press Sample*


  1. Bummer re: Photobucket. I feel your pain. We went with Picasa, and pay a nominal monthly fee for the privilege. At some point (I've been saying this for "some" time, so gawd only knows), I'll be moving things over to a stand-alone WordPress situation.

    But enough of the tech stuff....

    Lovely, lovely mani. I can't get over the dramatic change in color. Gorgeous!

    As for the whole scented thing...I'm with you. I've never quite figured out the whole lure of scented polishes. It simply escapes me.

  2. That is SO cool! I've heard good things about Ruby Wing, but I've never seen swatches. I might have to try this stuff out!
    - Michelle

  3. I LOVE COLOR CHANGING POLISH! Love these two colors too!

  4. Very very pretty! I love both of the colours and LOVE that it's two in one. I use Picasa and because I use Blogger, it's free and has unlimited bandwidth.

  5. Your swatches are gorgeous! I totally want a bottle!

  6. Why thank you. I think you should get one. :)

  7. I use Picasa, as well, for photographs. Can one host social media buttons, as well?

  8. I am getting really fond of them, with these Ruby Wing polishes. :D

  9. It is really cool and fun. Grab some, you'll like it. :D

  10. I didn't know that I could host my social media buttons on Picasa. I need to try that. I use Picasa for my blog photos, I have tons of space, I bought a pile of it a couple of years ago.

    Thank you for your kind words about my nails. This polish is pretty amazing. Yeah, I don't get scenting polish. If the polish didn't have a scent, it would be fine, I guess but when you mix delicate, sweet scents with the smell of polish, it is't gorgeous. LOL

  11. I've reviewed some Ruby Wings but none as pretty as this. I love the shade and how it changes. I want this.

  12. Ruby Wing. Drool. They are so amazing.

  13. really a great one. thanks for sharing.

  14. You should get it, it would look fabulous on you. :)


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