Tawdry Terrier Howling at the Moon: Swatch and Review

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Hello gentle readers.

Today I have the final polish of the three Tawdry Terrier Autumn in the Barkshires Collection that were sent to me for review. This one is by far, my favorite. Well, that's kind of a no brainer, when you think about it. It's blue. It has holo. Two of my all time favorite nail polish things ever in one tiny glass bottle? Thankyouverymuch! Colour me one happy nail polish loving lady.

Tawdry Terrier Howling at the Moon is a deep blue base with shimmer and glass fleck and tiny holo sparks running through it. This beautiful polish evokes happy memories of living in college housing for a while, when I was a kid. My mother, newly separated and striking bravely out on her own with five children in tow signed up for classes at a community college in Northern California and moved us in to the redwood sided apartment complex that served as student housing for the school a couple of miles from town. It was so much fun living among college students. One thing that students love to do is howl at the moon. On a quiet night, or, not so quiet night, preferably with a bright moon shining, one will start, "OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Another voice will pick it up and soon, the air is filled with a cacophony of human wolf song. As soon as the first howls began to rise into the air, us kids and often Mom, too would all run out onto the balcony and add our voices to the joyous, raucous cries in the night.

This swatch is two coats and Two coats Seche Vite.

Tawdry Terrier Howling at the Moon has a great formula for a glass fleck shimmer with glitter. Polishes of this ilk can be a bit stiff, thick and difficult to get smooth and even but this one is very fluid, surprisingly smooth and flows nicely off of the brush, sits down where it is placed and finishes to opaque, smooth perfection in two easy coats. I did some cleanup to refine and perfect my edges but I didn't need it to correct messy slop over. This polish doesn't run, pool, flood my cuticles, streak, drag, pull or bubble. Dry time is decent. It does dry a little textured, I suggest two coats of a good, thick, super shiny top coat for maximum gloss and sparkle.

I really like Tawdry Terrier Howling at the Moon. It is blue and holo and sparkly and beautiful. If you are thinking you need it, click the link provided! You can shop the entire Tawdry Terrier line on their Etsy shop. Like Tawdry Terrier on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Thank you so much for coming by and reading and have a great day!

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