Happy New Year! OPI The Gown Needs a Crown is My New Year Sparkle

Happy New Year gentle reader!

To say that I am going to be glad to see 2013 receding far in my rear view mirror is an understatement. As years go, this is not one upon which I will look back with a great deal of pleasure. 2013 kicked my ass, physically, mentally, emotionally. I am ready for a new year, a fresh start and sunnier, happier days ahead.

As your own midnight approaches, my wish for you is for health, happiness, joy, that all of your wishes for your new year come true in all of the best ways. Cheers!

I was thinking about New Year Nails and what to do. What to do. No time for nail art... Something simple. Something that makes a statement yet doesn't shout. What does that better than OPI The Gown Needs a Crown. The third polish in the Miss Universe Collection for 2013, this unique finish is comprised of silver shimmer particles dumped into a matte top coat base. Stroked onto the nail, it dries to a matte, glowy, almost pet-able finish. This polish is as different as it is beautiful.

This is two coats over base coat. No top coat.

The formula on this polish is interesting. It is different from regular cremes and jellies, it isn't like Liquid Sands or other textured polishes. It is an entity all to it's self. It applies somewhat like a matte top coat, but with the additional challenge of a thick shimmer; it requires a bit of extra care but you don't have to baby it. Plenty of polish on the brush, a deft hand, not overworking it will ensure a smooth finish. Let the first coat dry, which it will, quickly, before applying the second to avoid pulling or dragging. To have that soft, almost pet-able finish, leave the top coat in it's bottle.

What do you think about this silver stunner? Did you pick it up? What did you do for your New Year nails?

Okay, I'm going to get this posted before it gets too late. Have a great New Year's Eve. If you have party plans, have a great time. If you drink, please, please, please, don't drive. Call a friend, call a cab. strap on some roller skates... I know... You're a grown ass adult and don't need any lectures. I can't help it. I want to see all of you, bright and shiny and rearing to go, as the new blogging year begins. So just humor me, mmmkay?

Okay, I'm out. See you all in my next one.