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OPI Big Apple Red

Hello gentle readers. One thing I like about OPI now being available at Sally Beauty Supply is that when I have a few clams lying around and a coupon I can pop in and grab myself a core line colour or two to to keep adding to my collection. One of my latest acquisitions is the incomparable, classic Big Apple Red, a smooth, shiny, flawless blue red crelly. If you are a regular reader here you know that I can no more resist a beautiful red polish than I can taking my next breath. They sing their sweet siren song to me and I have to have them. I am actually currently wearing this polish. This is two coats and it is topped with Nubar Diamont top coat. I have heard a lot about that top coat and I finally decided to pick up a bottle and give it a test drive. I'll do a review on it, once I've had a chance to run it in really well. The formula on OPI Big Apple Red is as gorgeous as the colour. Smooth, silky and biddable, it flows off the Pro-Wide brush, sits down where y