Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Limited Edition Matte Creme Eyeshadows Review and Giveaway!

Hello gentle readers.

This is a post that is long, long overdue. Last Autumn, Maybelline released a trio of limited edition matte Color Tattoo creme eyeshadows. Many makeup lovers had been clamoring for matte shades ever since the first Color Tattoo shades hit store shelves in 2011. It only took the company two years to listen. Sadly, the release of the much anticipated matte shadows was as brief as it was brilliant and as fast as the products were stocked they were snapped up by eager customers and soon, all too soon, they were gone, gone, gone.

One day, last October, when I was in my local CVS shopping around, I looked on the bottom shelf of the new makeup area and there was the display for these shadows. And it was fully stocked with all three shadows. Twice. I only bought three, for myself but as we were leaving, I got the sudden thought that I should have bought all of them, so that I could do a giveaway with the other set so I asked my oh-so- patient husband to turn the car around and go back. He obligingly did so and I ran back in to the store and to my delight, the shadows were still there, so I bought them, brought them home and stashed them away in a safe place and opened my own, took the necessary photographs in preparation for a review post and began using and enjoying them. I fully intended to write and post that review and hold that giveaway sometime in early November, as the sales craze for the shadows began to wane and they were getting a little harder to find. You see, I had a method to my madness.

Then I learned that my mother who was gravely ill at the time was, in fact, terminal and shortly after, I lost her. I stopped blogging for a while and... Yeah. So the review of these shadows never happened, nor did the giveaway. I am finally picking things back up, getting my stride back. I am a bit behind. I have a little catching up to do. Fair warning, gentle reader, this isn't the only "old" product you are going to see on my pages in days to come. If you only like the latest and greatest, that ain't happening, here. I don't have that kind of budget. I wish I did!

I debated doing this review and giveaway. I was worried about looking lame. Yes, even more lame than I usually do! The time for these shadows having long passed. But I have been assured that plenty of people are still interested in acquiring these shadows so I am moving forward.

The Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Creme Eyeshadows are packaged in small, heavy bottom glass jars with plastic lids. Each shadow weighes in at .14 oz. or 4g. and retailed for about $8.00, depending on geographic area or the store from which it was purchased.

The Color Tattoo Matte Cream Eyeshadows came in three shades: Nude Pink, Matte Brown and Just Beige. I have heard these shadows compared to MAC Paint Pot creme eyeshadows. I am unable to say they are or not, as I don't own any MAC Paint Pots. If any of my gentle readers own both, I'd love to hear your thoughts, could you drop a line in a comment, let me know if they are comparable?

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Just Beige, a yellow based, neutral matte beige. 

Swatch on skin. No primer. 

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Creme Eyeshadow in Matte Brown, a neutral, matte brown. 

Swatch on skin, no primer. 

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Nude Pink, a soft, matte, neutral pink. 

Swatch on skin, no primer. 

Of the three shades, I reach for the Nude Pink most often. But all three of these shadows get used, in their way. I like Matte Brown as a base for daytime smokey eyes and neutral brown looks and Just Beige is great to blank out my lids for a light, barely there, pale eye look or to act as regular primer. 

The Color Tattoo matte eyeshadows are wonderful on their own as an all over wash of colour on the lid, a shadow base or to use two or all three together as an eye look. They are smooth and creamy and light in texture, apply easily with fingers or a synthetic shadow brush and blend smoothly. They give you enough time to work them as you like then they set into place and are budge free and crease free for hours and hours. Maybelline claims twenty-four hours. I haven't tested that claim, nor do I plan to do so. However, I have worn these shadows for up to sixteen hours and they look just as fresh and pretty when I sit down at my dressing table to remove them as they did when I applied them, all those many hours earlier. That's good enough for me.

Did you find the Maybelline Matte Color Tattoo Creme Eyeshadows when they were available? What shades did you get? What do you think of them? Love? If you couldn't find them, have you been wishing that you could have?

Well, it may be your lucky day. Because in addition to this review, I am having a giveaway! That's right. I am giving away a set of three Limited Edition Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Matte Creme Eyeshadows! One in each colour: Just Beige, Matte Brown and Nude Pink. The Shadows I am giving away are brand new and sealed.

Okay, how many of you skipped the review? Admit it. I'll bet three quarters of you were like... "TL/DR, Scroll... Scroll... Scroll... Giveaway! Yes! Score!" It's fine. You don't lose any points, I promise. The shadows have been around a long time and and been reviewed a million times, you probably know all about them, anyway. I more wrote the review because I needed to do it than I thought anyone really needed to read it.

Thank you all for your entries! This giveaway has closed and the winner was drawn. I will be having more giveaways in the future, so please keep your eyes. peeled!