Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: Review, Swatches and Photographs

Hello gentle readers.

Fair warning. It gets wordy, up in here. I don't know what is the matter with me today. Concise isn't happening. Get a cup of coffee and settle in. Or, run for your life.

Lets switch gears, today and talk makeup, shall we? Late last year, the makeup world went a bit nuts when news broke that Urban Decay was set to release a new Naked palette. Rumors were rife! But the most persistent was that it was to be rosy toned neutrals. There were bad, fuzzy photographs and much speculation. Excitement was building, camps were forming. In one camp were those of us who were genuinely excited to see yet another Naked palette. I already owned the first two Naked palettes and loved them to pieces so you know that I was salivating for the third one to drop. In the other camp were the cynics. The skeptics, those who were convinced that the last thing this big, blue planet needed needed was yet another Naked palette.

The day of the release finally came. Palettes flew out to those to whom Urban Decay sends for review and blog posts and YouTube videos began to hit the Internet. I eagerly poured over trusted blogs, read posts, perused photographs and tutorials. I watched videos and the more I saw the more I liked. Sure, the palette wasn't perfect. Many of the reviews I read and heard had overall good ratings with small caveats that seemed to run along the same lines. Overall, the pros far, far outweighed the cons and I knew that this palette was for me. As soon as it fit into my budget, I ordered it from Ulta (I live in BFE and have no Ulta or Sephora in my locale) and eagerly awaited it's arrival upon my doorstep. The moment my mail delivery person left the package by my door and rang my doorbell, I ran downstairs, grabbed my package and bore it in to my house, tore open the box and there it was... Finally. After months of waiting. My own Naked 3 palette.

The Naked 3 palette is, like the Naked 2 palette packaged in a tin case. Hmmm. When I heard that a new Naked palette was due to launch, I was expecting the packaging to be as dramatically different from the Naked 2 as Naked 2 was from the original Naked. Not so much. There are subtle differences, the rosy tan tones, the interesting crinkled texture of the case top and the raised, polished rose gold lettering. The case is very tactile and I admit, I find it lovely to hold. It would have been nice to see the creative team at Urban Decay stretch their brains a bit, tho.

This palette came with a little card of Urban Decay Primer Potion samples in blister packs. Really? No little deluxe sample of Primer Potion or a little Lip Junkie lip gloss or a nice travel sized 24/7 eye liner? Perhaps a deluxe sample of their exciting new Naked lip gloss? I hate to sound ungrateful here, but in my opinion, the card of sample smears seems chintzy. Urban Decay is a mid tier brand that built a reputation on being generous, higher end. If including deluxe samples with their palettes is just too much for them, now, why even bother with this nonsense? This felt a little like an insult. I paid fifty-two dollars for this palette. I would rather have just received the palette without the sample card thank you, very much.

Let's take a look at look inside, shall we? Yikes! Someone forgot to straighten her photograph. Tsk! Tsk! The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette contains twelve brand new, exclusive to this palette eye shadow colours in rose based neutral tones and shades. There are two matte shadows, Limit and Nooner. Strange, the one real highlight shadow is a soft ivory satin. The rest of the shadows are shimmers, glitters and a matte/glitter combination.

Like the Naked 2 palette, the Naked three palette comes with a duel ended synthetic eye brush. Urban Decay has nice quality eye brushes. I now own three of them. One from each of my Naked palettes. I loathe double ended makeup brushes with a velvet passion. I won't have one on my dressing table. As I did with the brush from the Naked 2 palette, I played with this brush, decided which end I liked the best then I grabbed my scissors and sheared off the end I wasn't going to use. Problem solved. No more double ended brush.

Time for swatches. I swatched the shadows on my arm over primer and photographed them in a combination of OttLight/natural daylight. 

Strange: A soft ivory satin, perfect for highlight and inner corner. Smooth, slightly powdery. I don't have trouble with fallout but I do find that primer is helpful with giving me the best payoff from this pretty shadow.

Dust: Is it's name. Dusty pink glitter. The pigmentation and payoff aren't stellar. Use a glitter glue type primer and a bit of care when working with this shadow.

Burnout: Soft rose shimmer. Lovely and smooth. Good pigmentation and payoff. Easy to apply and blend and wears beautifully.

Limit: Rosy mauve matte. Soft, buttery, nice pigmentation and payoff, applies and blends beautifully. Lovely lid or crease colour. Also nice blending out or transition shade.

Buzz: Rose pink shimmer. Classic Urban Decay fabulous shimmer shadow. Smooth, velvety, blendable, applies like a dream.

Trick: The trick is getting this one to behave, at first. I am still working with this one. I admit, I don't use it much. It is chunky, there is a lot of fallout and it is just a pain in my butt. I have heard that you just have to dig down a bit, get past the surface. I guess I just haven't had time to potty train this one, yet.

Nooner: Soft cocoa rose matte. Just as buttery and blendable as Limit and just as versatile. I love this as a crease colour. It pulls up from my crease onto my orbital bone and helps to recede my hooded lids a bit, creating a flattering look for my eyes.

Liar: Rosy taupe shimmer. Soft, buttery, lovely stuff.

Factory: Rose brown shimmer. Soft, velvety. So nice for creating a daytime smokey eye.

Mugshot: Mushroom taupe shimmer. Yummy soft dark stuff.

Darkside: Greyed brown shimmer with a hint of blackened danger. Beautifully smooth and soft and blendable. Go smokey for night or as a liner shadow for day.

Blackheart: Matte black with rose glitter. Stiff and a bit patchy. I have only used this as a liner on one occasion. It produced a bit of fallout. But it was pretty.

Here is an eye look with my Naked 3 palette. Over Urban Decay Primer Potion.
Burnout on inner third of lid, Buzz on outer two thirds of lid.
Nooner in crease then pulled and blended up onto my orbital bone and blended out with a bit of Limit.
Strange on my brow bone and inner corner as highlight.
A little Nooner along my lower lash line.
My upper lash line is lined with Stila Smudge Stick in Stargazer and I applied one generous coat of Loreal Lashout Butterfly mascara.

I think that the lighter end of this palette is great for creating a soft, flattering day look for hooded eyes.  

Yep. I pulled my brows up, for this shot. I wanted to show the shadows without the folds in my lids interfering. If I have one minor gripe about the shadows in this palette, it is that the colours in the lighter end tend to blend a little too well together, they don't hold their own, terribly well. 

What do I love about the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette?

The quality of most of the shadows in this palette is stellar. Soft, buttery, velvety and so easy to apply and blend. Urban decay does eyeshadow like a boss.

The beautiful rosy neutral tones and shades of shadows. I am a neutral girl and I love pink and rose tones so this palette is right in my wheelhouse.

There are a couple of mattes! Yippee! I like to mix the mattes with the shimmers in this palette and with my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, my Lorac Unzipped palette and with matte creme shadows, too.

The shadows in this palette mix with each other and they mix and match with other shadows in my original Naked and my Naked 2 palettes. This is one fun, versatile palette and I will get lots of use out of it.

What don't I love about the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette?

The shadows in the lighter end of the palette tend to blend together a bit too well and can just turn into one blob if you aren't careful.

A few of the shadows, Dust, Trick and Blackheart are not so terrific. Dust is too pale, glittery and, well, dusty. Trick is a pain in the ass and Blackheart is too patchy and I just don't appreciate it.

Not enough matte shades, in my opinion. They could have dumped Dust, Trick and Blackheart and put in a few more great, velvety, beautiful, usable mattes, instead.

That frakking double ended brush. Just put in a fabulous single ended eye brush!

The chintzy Primer Potion smear card. Really, Urban Decay.

Overall, the things I love about the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette far outweigh those I don't. I am enjoying this palette. I reach for it on a fairly regular basis. I use it on it's own, I mix and match it with other palettes in my makeup collection. I am very happy that I bought it, I would definitely purchase it again, if I used it up or if something happened to it. I would give it as a gift to a makeup loving friend or relative without reservation and I recommend it. If you like soft, sweet, rosy neutral eyeshadows and taupe-grey and a touch of edge, this palette may be just what the doctor ordered. I think that you should definitely get it.

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette retails for $52.00 and can be purchased from Urban Decay's website. You can also buy it from Ulta, either in store or online, or from Sephora, in store or online and from various other online retailers.

Thank you so much for coming by and reading and have a wonderful day.

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