Benefit Rockateur: Review and Photographs

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Hello gentle readers.

Last November, one of my Birthday Month, Retail Therapy makeup purchases was Benefit Rockateur. I don't know what it was about this particular makeup item, but every time I saw it, be it on a blog, in a YouTube video, in an ad, on a store's website, I wanted it more and more. I just had to have it. So, the moment my budget loosened up, I ordered it from Sephora. Or was it Ulta? Ah, hell. I can't remember which, now. It was one or the other. I had to order it online because there are no stores up here in Podunk-Hell-On-Earth-Ville where a person can buy Benefit. Unthinkable, I know. The conditions under which I am forced to live!

Benefit Rockateur is marketed as a rose gold cheek powder. It is a warm rose-mauve very finely milled powder with a super fine golden radiance. The shimmer is not obvious or obnoxious. I don't feel as if my cheeks are covered in sparkle or glitter or fairy dust when I am wearing this cheek colour. Indoors, It isn't even that visible, in outdoor sun, I just see a lovely kiss of healthy glow on my cheeks. How heavenly!

Benefit Rockateur cheek powder is packaged in a cute box with gold snakeskin and black and pink lace print. How stinking cute is the packaging? The box contains 5.0 g. or 0.17 oz. of product and it retails for $28.00.

The lid flips up to reveal a little mirror and a small, angled, white goat hair brush. I don't care for the brushes that come with cosmetics. I did try this one out, as I had heard that this particular brush is a pretty good one. My opinion is it is not too bad. It would do in a pinch, I suppose. I tossed it in a drawer on the pile with the rest of the brushes and applicators that come with palettes and blushes and so on.

Beneath the mirror and the brush is the beautiful cheek powder. It is pressed in many angles to look like a faceted gemstone and the word Rock is pressed, in script on the top. The surface of the powder is coated in a glitter over spray to make it sparkle like a diamond when you open the package, for the first time.

Just look at how pretty it is, when it is untouched. I could hardly bring myself to touch this for the first time. I just sat and looked at it, for a while. Really. I didn't want to spoil it. Then, I realized that I couldn't wait to try it, so I grabbed a brush and went after it. A couple of quick swipes and a soft blow and the glitter over spray was all gone.

A Swipe swatch on the back of my hand. This is a fairly heavy swatch. As you can see, this powder is not super pigmented, it doesn't deposit a lot of colour. On fairer skinned people this works as a blush, if you are deeper skinned, I could see this making a lovely highlighter.

Benefit Rockateur blended out. Soft and pretty. I love this cheek powder, I reach for it frequently and wear it as a blush. I like to apply it with a large, fluffy, very soft synthetic blush brush. My favorite brush to use is the Real Techniques Blush Brush. It picks up and lays down just the right amount of colour for my fair skin. This cheek colour wears nicely all day, I don't notice that it fades out all that much by the time I am ready to take it off at night.

I am wearing Rockateur in this photograph. Yes, I know... I am getting a lot of mileage out of this shot. This isn't the last time I am going to use it, either.

Benefit Rockateur is a favorite makeup item in my rotation. It is my first Benefit makeup item, it won't be my last. If you are liking what you see and haven't grabbed a box of this beautiful, glowing cheek powder, you can pick it up at any of the usual haunts... Sephora, Ulta. Either in store, online, Beauty dot com, various other websites and so on. You all know the shopping drill. I don't have to tell you.

What do you think of this pretty stuff? Do you own it? Do you love it? Please drop me a comment and tell me what you think of it, how you like to wear it.

Thank you so much for dropping by and reading and have a great day.

*This Post Contains an Affiliate Link.* 


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