OPI I Sing in Color: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

OPI I Sing in Color from the Gwen Stefani Collection is a deep, dark purple jelly. This polish builds easily to full opacity. I was able to get it there in two coats on my smooth nails, I needed three coats on my ridge-y nails. This polish is stupid shiny on it's own, tho this swatch is topped with Seche Vite because, well, that is just how I roll.

Just how squish-a-liscious is this stuff, I ask you? 

The formula on this polish is fantastic. Smooth as silk, it sits down where it is placed, flows off of that Pro Wide brush and slips up the nail without any difficulties but some slight streaking, which is pretty typical of jellies. Fear not tho as the second coat evens everything out beautifully. I only needed a third coat on my ring and pinkie nails thanks to my stupid ridges. They were large and in charge and this stuff is just a bit too jelly to cope in two. I didn't have to worry about running, pooling, dragging, bubbling or lagging dry time. This polish is simply splendid.

What do you think of OPI I Sing in Color? Love it? Did you pick it up, yet? If you haven't, but are craving, it is available, now where OPI is sold. Try your local Ulta, or their website, Sally Beauty Supply online, JC Penny salons, other salons and beauty supplies.

Thank you so much for swinging by and reading and have a great day!