Super Nails for a "Super Bowl"

Hello gentle readers.

Before we get started, I suppose that I should say that the following post is written in tongue in cheek, light hearted fun. No disrespect is intended toward any state, sport, team, fans. Good grief, do I really need to say this?

Now, anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that: 

Seriously, I couldn't care less about football. I never know who is playing, who is winning, who is losing, who is up, who is down, who is in, who is out. I half paid attention to one football game, one time in my life. A few? years ago when the Chicago Bears were in the Super Bowl, to support my husband's fandom and excitement. Aren't I a good little wifey? That was my sole glimmer of interest.

Until this year.

You see, the two teams that are competing in the Super Bowl this year are both from states that have recently legalized marijuana for recreational use. When I heard that the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks would be playing, my ears went up and my evil little brain instantly drove my imagination into possible nail art overdrive. Why, you may ask, would my brain be evil? Well... Think about it...

As soon as I realized the possibilities, I knew that there was work to be done. I wanted to do nail art that would mark this most auspicious of days. First, research. I had no clue, for instance what polishes I needed. What colours did the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks wear? A quick Google search gave me the answers I sought. Then there was stash diving to do to find the right polishes needed to match up the team colours as best I could, from reading about them.

For the Denver Broncos I chose:

Orly Orange Punch  (I have a sad few orange polishes!)
OPI Incognito in Sausalito  (Chosen,in the end for it's stamping prowess.)
China Glaze Snow

Google search said that their colours are blue and orange and I saw that white is used as well, so I incorporated that, also.

For the Seattle Seahawks I chose:
China Glaze Hi Def
OPI Incognito in Sausalito
China Glaze Millennium

Google search said that their colours are blue, bright green and silver.

I decided to do a simple stamped and funky French design. I have learned, the hard way that if I try to get too fancy, things get ugly, fast. I had some high flown (high... get it? high... har! har!) ideas, at first, but I know myself and I know my limitations. Simple is best. Since the design was to be simple, I knew precisely which stamping plate I needed. Good old Bundle Monster 07. Finally, after all of these years! I have a use for BM 07!

For my Super Nail Art, I painted my nails team colours base colours then stamped pot leaves in dark blue with BM 07 to symbolize both teams from both states since they both use dark blue and the dark blue stamped best. Then I finished up with funky French tips in team colours and topped it all with Orly Matte Top to look all tough and manly. Because football.

So there you have it. My Super Mani for the "Super Bowl." With these teams in contention, it's going to be smokin'! 

Okay, okay. No more cheesy jokes. I promise. 

Mmmm... Cheese...

Cheese. Nacho. Cheese. Nacho Cheese... 

Would someone please pass the Doritos? 

Oh wait, I'm not done, yet. So, what did you do with your nails to celebrate today? Are you a fan of the Denver Broncos? The Seattle Seahawks? Are you excited for the big game? Do you go all out, put out a big spread, have a party, order a pile of pizzas and sit in front of the big screen and cheer your lungs out? 

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. Whatever your plans, whomever you cheer for, I hope that you have a terrific day and enjoy. And now, will you please, please pass the Doritos? 


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG I LOVE YOU! Seriously! I could care less about football either. I am sending my husband to a party by himself. Me and the kiddos are staying at home. Love that both of these states legalized pot and I didn't even realize!

  2. Heh! Heh! I am just loving it for the opportunity. 3:)

  3. Lol this post is hilarious! I'm not a football or super bowl person too so I loved reading this!

  4. "super bowl"! I wonder if legalized sales will spike today! :) Awesome mani, and great blog post! :)

  5. LMAO I love this so effing muchhhhhhhh hahahahahahahaha

  6. Hilarious! I can't wait for tonight's game. I'm a Broncos fan. My husband and I are just picking up some pizzas and boneless wings, and will chill out on the sofa and watch the game!

  7. This is so funny!!! :D Could not care less about sports and thankfully neither does my husband. Used to be you'd watch for the commercials, but you can see them online even before the game.

  8. I hate football. I'm not a sports fan at all. I love your nails.

  9. ROFL! Love this post! :) Neither my husband or I really care about football - I'm much more into college basketball (Go Jayhawks!).

  10. BWAHAHAHA! I totally forgot about the game today because of all the snow we've been getting. But yeah, football is cool I guess ;P Love your nail art and how you used Google search to help. So appropriate ♥

  11. Bwahahahaha! I love it! You're even more oblivious than I am!

    Thank you. :D

  12. I don't normally pay attention to the game, either. But this one was "special." Heh! Heh!

    Thank you. And yes, my Google Fu was strong, for a change. :D

  13. I'll tolerate a little (very little) baseball in the Summer, when I am in the mood for it. And I like figure skating and equestrian sports. :)

    Thank you so much. :D

  14. Thank you. :D

    Don't you just love the Internet? I saw the commercials I wanted to and never had to watch even a second of the game. :D

  15. Seahawks all the way! I enjoyed every minute of the game (and then some) at the place we've spent watching the Super Bowl for the last 20+ years. I was just going to stick with blue and silver (the green is mostly just an accent color and I dislike the shade of it they've used the last couple years), but I started getting antsy about 8pm Saturday. It was obviously too late to go looking for 'Hawk decals, so I searched online until I found an image small enough to use, printed several out and started painting. I used ChG's Midnight Mission (navy with a silver glass fleck) for all but the middle finger of each hand. Instead of CND's Silver Anniversary which I had originally picked out, I used ChG's Glistening Snow on my middle fingers, hoping it would show more white/multi so the silver portions of the 'Hawk would show. Two coats of blue, three coats of the holo Snow. 1 coat of Gelous over the holo, 1 coat of NYC In a New York Minute clear quick dry polish (Works great as a quick dry top coat, no shrinkage, ever!). Wait about 20 mins during which I cut out 2 of those itty, bitty logos. Worst part of the whole thing was getting that little hook on the beak when all I had was BIG scissors. Slapped a thick coat of the NYC on one middle and carefully set and adjusted the logo/decal, holding down the corners with a toothpick while it dried. Repeated on the other hand and then put 2 more coats of the NYC on the middle finger and 1 more on all the rest. Success! But next year, I'm just going to order some!

  16. The green one is my favorite!

  17. I kind of like that one, too. :D

  18. Your mani sounds great! :D

    Congrats on your Seahawks winning. :D

  19. LMAO! And I didn't even have a drink!!!!

  20. HAHAHAH! THis is freakin hilarious! I am dying laughing right now. I have a comic on my work cubby where the husband is reading the stock paper and it says the price of stock in Frito Lay is skyrocketing, the wife is reading the article "colorado legalizes marijuana"


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