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Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection Review, Swatches and Photographs

Hello gentle readers. One of my favorite recent makeup acquisitions is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection, a beautiful collector's tin filled with sixteen matte and shimmer eye shadows formulated with real, natural cocoa powder. It is thought that chocolate has soothing properties and can help to protect, condition and heal skin that has been exposed to sun and wind. I can't speak to the healing and soothing claims but I can say that the cocoa powder these shadows are formulated with make them smell delicious. Okay, let's begin with this box. Pure Too Faced too sweet and pretty. How can you resist this box? It looks like the loveliest jumbo chocolate bar wrapper in girlie heaven. Confession? I haven't thrown my box away, yet. I normally toss outer packaging, right away because who needs clutter around? But this little box is still lurking It'll go, eventually. I am not ready to heave it out, just yet. The tin packaging is brown and shaped

Review: Jane Iredale Circle/Delete Concealer in Peach

*This post contains affiliate links.*  Hello gentle readers. In my never ending quest to find something. Anything that will work to correct, conceal and brighten my deep, dark under eye circles, I purchased and have been test driving the Jane Iredale Circle/Delete Concealer in Peach . This product is a two part system created to correct and brighten the under eye area and knock out dark circles. Thanks to the generosity of my ancestors, chronic, year 'round allergies and rotten sleep patterns, I have nasty  dark circles. They are especially difficult to correct and conceal because I am so damned fair skinned. Add to the pile the fine lines under my eyes (because old broad) and I have a lovely problem, indeed to solve, here. Is the Jane Iredale Circle/Delete the answer to my problem? Read on. There is 2.8 g./ .1 oz of product the retail price is $29.00. This product is made up of a lot of gentle, natural and soothing ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals, no c