OPI Incognito in Sausalito and KB Shimmer Clown Puke

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Hello gentle readers.

A little while back, I had to do the nubbins thing. When I go very short, I like to go very dark or very pale. For this manicure, I went very dark and very sparkly, as well. I polished my freshly nubbinized nails with the incomparable OPI Incognito in Sausalito, a deep, rich navy creme then I did accent nails with KB Shimmer Clown Puke, an insanely colourful glitter topper.

OPI Incognito in Sausalito with KB Shimmer Clown Puke accent nails Gelous and Seche Vite tops the glitter nails.

KB Shimmer Clown Puke has a pretty fantastic formula for a chunky glitter topper. While I had to do some of the usual pat and place that is the usual for a glitter of it's ilk, this polish wasn't troublesome or difficult to work with. It was also surprisingly smooth, in spite of how chunky and full of big, fun stuff it is.

Rather than try to describe KB Shimmer Clown Puke to you in words, which would take a long time, considering how many colours and shapes of glitters is in the mix, I am going to hit you with a couple of macro shots and let the pictures speak a thousand words.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am freaked out by clowns. But KB Shimmer Clown Puke doesn't freak me out, at all. It just makes me smile. It makes me happy. It sparkles and shines and stands out beautifully against any base colour.

So there you have it, a fun and festive way to celebrate fresh new nubbins. Do you own OPI Incognito in Sausalito or KB Shimmer Clown Puke? Have you tried wearing them layered together?

What do you like to wear on fresh, new nubbins? Do you go deep and dark or soft and pale? Please share your strategy for dealing.

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Thank you so much for coming by and reading, have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

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