Zoya Blu: Review and Photographs

Hello gentle readers.

Zoya Blu feels so fresh, bright and cool, perfect for Spring. And it is perfect to add life to my fresh new nubbins. Dang it! I just had my nails to a length that I like for swatching and a bad break on my swatching hand necessitated filing back down to nubbins. My normally thin, delicate nails are even more fragile, lately and growing or keeping any length has been a massive challenge. I am hoping that stepping up my vitamin regimen and being more consistent about taking them will help because... Damn! This nonsense is getting old!

Okay, enough crying and complaining. back to the polish. Zoya Blu is a soft, pastel blue creme. Golly, I love this colour! This manicure is two coats and Seche Vite. It is still on my nails and in good condition four days later. I am only plotting a polish change because I am ready for something else on my nails. Nice going, Zoya Blu!

As beautiful as Zoya Blu is to look at, this beauty does present a few challenges upon application. Like other white based, opaque cremes of this nature, it starts out very fluid and smooth but as you work with it, it tightens up and becomes increasingly difficult to work with. Polish as quickly as possible, Keeping this polish open longer is just asking for it. Have plenty of polish on the brush, smooth it on swiftly and deftly, let it self level a bit. Applying thin coats doesn't really work with this stuff. At least, it didn't, for me.

I had a fully opaque if a bit uneven finish in two quick coats. I wasn't too happy with how it looked... Until I grabbed my Seche Vite and floated a good coat over each nail. Ahhh... Magic! Seche Vite melted the slightly ripply, uneven finish and made it perfectly smooth and even. It even killed a couple of bubbles from my stupid base coat! Good old Seche Vite rides to the rescue, again. It is invaluable when working with polishes like this.

One thing that I really love about the formula on Zoya Blu is how easy it is to control. It sits down where I place it, smooths up the nail and doesn't run, pool, drag, streak or bubble. Dry time, especially with good old Seche Vite was very good. I was able to finish my manicure, oil my cuticles, snap a few photographs, clean up my mess and get on with my day.

All in all, Zoya Blue is a beautiful pastel blue polish with a somewhat challenging but not bad formula. If you love pastel polish, especially this time of year and are looking for a perfect, pale blue to grace your tips, pick up beautiful Zoya Blu and apply it to your tips. Just remember to have a good, melting top coat at the ready.

What do you think of Zoya Blu? Do you own it? Love it? If you are thinking that you would like to own it, you can pick it up anywhere you buy Zoya polishes including Ulta stores and their website, in many local beauty supplies and even some groceries that have beauty areas, on Zoya's website. So go get it!

Thank you so much for coming in and reading and may your polish never bubble.