All Hail the Beauty Blender! Review, Photographs, Guide to Care and Feeding

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Hello gentle readers.

For several months, now, I have been using a Beauty Blender to apply my foundation or CC cream and I have to say, what the hell took me so long to try and get into using this marvelous little pink sponge? If you aren't familiar with the Beauty Blender, it is a small, teardrop shaped latex free synthetic sponge created especially for the application of foundation, BB and CC creams and concealer/corrector products. The Beauty Blender can also be used to apply powder and powder foundations.

I like to  switch between using this sponge or a synthetic brush, depending on the product and the finish I am going for. In my opinion, no one tool is perfect for every product, we need to experiment and use what works best for us with each product.

The Beauty Blender arrives to you in a little plastic canister with an inner gasketed disk insert that holds the Beauty Blender almost magically suspended, floating in it's packaging. When you open the package and pull the Beauty Blender from the disk, you will have in your hand a small, dense teardrop shaped dry sponge and you might think, "Really? I'm supposed to put my face makeup on with this?" Yep. you sure are!

Before you use a Beauty Blender for the first time, you need to take your new sponge to the sink and drench it in warm water. I always wash my Beauty Blenders with a little soap and rinse thoroughly before I use them for the first time. I don't know if it is really necessary, I do believe that the sponge is clean and ready to go but I am weird like that. Once the sponge is drenched in water, you will notice it has expanded a great deal and become much softer. Squeeze out the excess water and you have a Beauty Blender, all set to use.

Beauty blenders, one is dry, the other after being drenched in warm water and squeezed out. See the difference?

Using the Beauty Blender couldn't be easier. Dot your foundation or BB/CC cream onto your face then, using the rounded, blunt end, gently bounce the sponge through the makeup and all over your face, spreading and setting it into place as you go. The damp sponge is very springy and not at all uncomfortable as it boings its way all over your face. Your makeup will settle into place quickly and nearly effortlessly. The bouncing action and the softly textured surface of the Beauty Blender create a smooth, skin like finish free of streaks or brush marks.

For areas around the nose and eyes and for applying and blending corrector and concealer around your eyes or to do a pinpoint application of concealer on the face to cover blemishes and small areas that need additional coverage, simply turn the Beauty Blender over and use the tip or side of the pointed end. The sponge can be rolled across the face or the wide side surface can be used to further smooth the larger planes of the face or down your throat to blend the edges. This sponge can also be used as a powder puff, once your makeup is in place.

Care and feeding of your Beauty Blender couldn't be simpler. After use, just drench it in nice, warm water and add a little cleanser, liquid hand soap or my favorite, Dawn dish detergent (I have found that this is the best cleanser for my Beauty Blenders, it is cheap and breaks down and gets the gunk out of my sponges like nothing else, even those fancy, expensive specialty cleansers) to the sponge. Squeeze it, with the tip in the fingers, the rounded bottom on the thumb, over and over to clean out the makeup, concealer and powder. When washing your sponge, squeeze firmly but don't get too rough with it. A wet Beauty Blender can tear if you go after it with too much force. (Ask me how I decapitated my first one. :P) Now, rinse, rinse, rinse, squeezing the clear water through the sponge to get the detergent out. If the sponge isn't yet clean, just add a little more detergent and repeat. Once the detergent is thoroughly rinsed out, squeeze well and set the Beauty Blender on a clean surface to dry.

You will see some dye runoff as you wash your Beauty Blender and it will fade a bit, over time. This is normal and doesn't effect the performance of the sponge in the least.

If you are like me and you really need to not only clean but sanitize your beauty tools, especially sponges, sanitizing your Beauty Blender couldn't be simpler. I use a couple of different methods, both very effective. Method one: Pour about half a cup or so of 91% rubbing alcohol into a dish, fully saturate the freshly washed Beauty Blender in the alcohol, squeezing it through to be sure that the alcohol gets deep into the sponge then squeeze out the alcohol and set the Beauty Blender on a clean surface to dry. The alcohol scent will dissipate as the sponge dries and by the time you are ready to wet and use it, again, will just smell like a clean Beauty Blender.

Method two: After washing your Beauty Blender, place your saturated sponge in a microwave safe bowl with enough water to about halfway cover it and set it in the middle of your microwave. Cook on high for about forty-five seconds, increasing the time for lower wattage microwaves. Mine is an 1100 watt, just for reference. Remove the bowl from the microwave (use a pot holder, the bowl will be hot!) and set aside to cool. Once the water and sponge have cooled enough to be safely handled, squeeze out the excess water and set your Beauty Blender on a clean surface to dry.

Do not, under any circumstances use bleach to clean and sanitize your Beauty Blender! You will destroy it. Guess how I know this? Mmm-Hmmm...

I really dig my Beauty Blenders. They work like a charm, give a beautiful finish and wash up easily and can be sanitized so that they don't turn into a nasty cesspool of bacterial infection and honk. If I have one tiny gripe about the sponges, it is that, in spite of my almost obsessive cleaning and sanitizing, these sponges do stain. There is no getting around it. *sigh* Oh well. I can live with it. I think... The Beauty Blender, with proper care and feeding will last quite a long time. After rather swiftly murdering my first one by being a bit too hard on it and using bleach to try to sanitize it, I have learned how to handle and clean them to maximize their lifespan.

Do you use the Beauty Blender? Do you love it? Did you leave it? Please do tell.

Thank you for coming in and reading and have a great day.

*This post contains affiliate links.


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