I Love Nail Polish Mega: Review and Photographs with... Bonus Creatures!

Hello gentle readers.

I Love Nail Polish Mega is silver Holo-licious. The base is bright and shiny and the holographic effect is brilliant and well formed and colourful. This is good holographic stuff. My photograph doesn't even begin to do it justice.

I added creatures because I messed up the tip of one nail and I have wounds on my cuticles and nobody wants to see that! But everybody likes to see cute ladybugs and butterflies. PicMonkey. Pulled my ass out of the fire, again.

This is two coats of I Love Nail Polish Mega and Seche Vite. Now that I see the macro shots, I could have used a third to better smooth my ridges. I could swear, my nails looked fine, in person.

I suck.

Remember all of the raving I did over the formula on I Love Nail Polish Pixie Dust? Well this one is almost as biddable. Silver holos seem to be a bit more divalicious by nature. This polish wants just a wee bit more care upon application, appreciates being overworked just a bit less than her sisters. A swift, more deft hand is a good idea but you don't have to be afraid of this polish. Just don't treat it like your other ILNP holos or jellies. I had no trouble with streaking, running, pooling or flooding my cuticles. It did bubble on me. I believe that I was responsible for that, not the polish. I noticed a little separation from it having been sitting just before I applied and I agitated it a little more than I should have while rolling it, before I painted it on. Happily, Seche Vite can melt and smooth down a multitude of sins! This polish has fab dry time. And I do mean fab.

Wear time is pretty freaking impressive. I have had this one on my nails since Saturday and it still looks pretty decent. I have normal tip wear and one little chip. I'm removing it, later today as I am planning to try a different polish. But yeah... I am thrilled with the wear time. I am thrilled with I Love Nail Polish Mega.

What do you think of I Love Nail Polish Mega? Do you own it? If you do, you know that my photographs are falling short of the fabulous of the reality of this gorgeous stuff. If you don't own it and you'd like a bottle, clickity-click* and pick up a bottle of this gorgeous polish for your very own.

Today's Thursday, isn't it? Where the hell did this week go? I think it is flying by faster because my normal routine was interrupted by the holiday weekend. That must be it.

I am suffering a blogging crisis of sorts. I keep doing eye looks with my BFTE Coffee Collection shadows, taking pictures, editing them, writing posts, looking at the previews and hating what I did and deleting the whole sorry business and starting over. I have done this four times, now. I just want to do a post, show photographs and an eye look that justify the faith that Kimberly showed in me by sending me those beautiful shadows and I want to show them to their best advantage and make people really want them. But all I end up with are posts I want to delete.

Any of my fellow bloggers get stuck in this kind of suck spiral? *headdesk*

Okay, enough whining. I need another cup of coffee. May I offer you one, as well?