I Love Nail Polish Pixie Dust: Review

Hello gentle readers.

Has it really been that long since my last post? I would have liked to be here, sooner but it has been a hard, sad time around here. My father in law passed away and I have been helping my grieving husband and son and mother in law get through this.

It is time to get back to normal. Again. I don't want to sound like a whiner, here. I just... Need a break, please.

Okay. I Love Nail Polish Pixie Dust is a light lavender base with their Ultra Holo linear rainbow goodness all over your nails. So beautiful

This is two coats under two coats of Posche Top Coat. Feast your eyes:

The formula on this polish is gorgeous. It flows off of the wide brush so smoothly, so easily, it sits sweetly down where it is placed, sweeps up the nail and doesn't run, pool, streak, drag or bubble. Dry time is really good, made better by a good quick dry top coat. The holo will shatter temporarily, don't freak out. It'll come back together in perfect rainbows as the top coat dries.

Funny thing, this polish seems to crave two coats of top coat. I applied just one and had a chip, the next day. Rats! I didn't have time to reapply a new mani... I had an appointment and had to get my ass out the door. So I just fixed the chip and applied a second coat of top coat to all ten nails. And that mani lasted me a full four more days. Six days. I had tip wear, but no chips. Until I did a Doctor Destructo on my mani and my nails and my cuticles. I am now in nubbins and a dark blue polish. That's another post for another day.

This polish, this I Love Nail Polish Pixie Dust is so special and pretty and you really should get you a bottle of it because you need a bottle of it. Linkage in case you're craving. (Just for your convenience. I don't gain from you clicking.)

What do you think of I Love Nail Polish Pixie Dust? Do you own this polish? Do you love it? Please do tell.

If I have any readers left, Thank you so much for coming by and... Reading. Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.