Giving Up the Ghost: When Is it Time to Say Goodbye?

Hello gentle readers.

Put the champagne and streamers away. I'm not going anywhere.

We all reach that point in our lives. We meet our perfect one. We encounter that perfect partner that makes us look and feel like a million bucks each and every day of our lives no matter what. When it is new and fresh and beautiful and exciting and perfect and we just can't get enough. And we are in perfect love and we think it will last forever. And we go along in a haze of rose coloured happiness, thinking that everything is going swimmingly.

Then one day, hard, cold reality hits and it's all over. You look in the mirror or look very carefully at a photograph and the glaring truth becomes painfully obvious.

 That foundation you thought was the perfect thing, your Holy Grail of Holiest Grails is now a gross, thick, clotted, creased, nasty, cake-y mess.

When did that happen? How did that happen? Why did that happen?

It probably crept up on you slowly. You recognized the signs... Having to spend a little extra time blending. Having to add more and more to get the right coverage. Getting finished with your makeup only to notice that your foundation has already cracked around your nose, mouth and across your forehead so you oh-so-carefully smooth it back out, set it with powder and turn away from the mirror and pray. But your prayers go unanswered. Several hours later, the cracks are back. And you are back. In front of a mirror, fixing, cussing and making excuses. It's hot. It's humid. You were in a hurry when you applied, this morning. You used a different sponge or brush. You changed your under makeup primer or are test driving a new moisturizer.

Uh-huh. Keep on telling yourself sweet little lies, gentle reader. Keep on justifying and making excuses for a relationship that just isn't working any longer. Hey, I get it... Boy do I ever. I recently broke up with a long term foundation, myself. My skin has undergone changes that have made it and my once favorite foundation highly incompatible. I feel as if it happened almost overnight but in reality, I have been seeing signs of trouble in our romance for quite a while, now. The breaking point came for me when I took careful stock of some recent photographs I took for this blog. I don't photograph all that well under the best of circumstances but I realized that I was looking particularly rough and when I carefully analyzed the problem, I realized that it was my foundation. Cake face. Nasty, unflattering, sitting on the surface of my skin thick, gunked up, gross, cracked... Yuk. Cake face. Because my once perfect foundation was now completely wrong.

 Take a long, honest look in the mirror or fire off a few photographs in your current makeup. Step outside of yourself, set aside your bias, your affection for the brand, your allegiance to a type and really study your reflection or recent photograph. What do you see?  Do you see soft, silky, smooth skin? An even, near (I don't believe in flawless) flawless finish? Most of us need to build a bit more coverage in certain areas, less in others. Does your foundation blend these all out seamlessly? If you have fine lines, wrinkles, does your foundation flow, give and flex with the undulations of your skin or does it break and crack, forcing you to ride herd on it, constantly repairing it, worrying that you are going to look aged and falling apart? Does your makeup stay one consistent shade all day or does it oxidize, turn weird colours that skin should not become when air comes in contact with it? Are you oily, gentle reader? Does your foundation slide right off of your face as soon as you get oil breakthrough? Are you truly satisfied with your foundation? Completely happy and thrilled with what you see in the mirror or that photograph? Be honest. If the answer is no...

Purse those rosebud lips of yours and kiss that foundation goodbye.

My Holy Grail foundation was, up until just recently, Revlon ColorStay for Dry Skin in 150 Buff. Lordy, I loved that foundation. Perfect shade match right out of the bottle, I didn't have to mix it, miracle of miracles. Fab coverage, buildable where I needed extra coverage, I could sheer it out where I didn't need so much, it was easy to work with and once it set, it locked down and didn't move all day. I could apply that stuff at six in the morning and come back to remove it at midnight and it would be nearly perfectly intact, even in the middle of a searing Arizona Summer. Just good foundation. And, at about twelve clams a bottle, affordable, too. It nearly broke my little heart to say goodbye but it had to be done.

This photo was taken in February 2012, I was wearing Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Dry Skin in 150 Buff. Great shade match. See how nice and smooth it looks? No cake face, no cracking. Even in the sun it just looked like skin. At that time, this foundation was still working well with my dry but not yet Sahara like skin.

Yes, before you ask, that is my natural hair colour. And yes, those lighter streaks running through it are grey. I don't colour to cover my grey, I colour because I can't stand my natural colour. It is so drab and blah. If I were all silver, I'd wear that shit like nobody's business!

Two years later, February, 2014. Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Dry Skin in 150 Buff. Hello, Cakeface! See how my foundation is lying on the surface of my skin, rather than blending in to my skin? Instead of looking smooth, more silken, it looks a bit rougher in spots. It is obviously thick, heavy and "made up." What you can't see in that photo was the fun I had with cracking around my mouth and nasal/labial folds and having to smooth that business out, a couple of times after application. Yeah. Out in the sun, it was not looking good. Not what I am going for.

The hair, blonde. What I am by nature, if not naturally. Short, for reasons. Maybe I'll talk about it, one day.  

So, the hunt begins for my new Holy Grail foundation. I have been researching drugstore offerings and I already know that I am going to have to go mid tier/high end. *sigh* I have a fall back. I am currently using an IT Cosmetics CC cream (that I need to do a post on) that I like. But I do need a new foundation and finding just the right one is not going to be easy. Stay tuned, I should be whining and pissing and moaning about that process, soon.

Gentle reader, give up the ghost. Let go of that stuff you have been using for years because it is "the right brand" or "the popular stuff." Oh... You have been rocking that fluid of beauty since when and now you can't even think about letting it go because it will mean that you are getting old, right? Right? Well, suck it up, Buttercup. We're all getting older. Some of us older than others. So, get over your beautiful self, get your ass out there and buy some new foundation. You deserve it. And you should have it. Because you should look your very best and feel beautiful every time you look into your mirror, every day. If I can do this, you can too. Let's give up the ghost, together.


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