OPI Kermit Me to Speak: Swatch and Review

Hello gentle readers.

The OPI Muppets Most Wanted Collection is one I am getting to slowly. Painfully slowly. I swatch one or two then I have a nail catastrophe. No. Really. My nails are just back to minimum swatch length, after a recent major horror movie moment and radical file down.

OPI Kermit Me to Speak is the duochrome offering from this collection. Starting from a beautiful Spring appropriate purple, it swiftly shifts through gold to green.

Tragically for this beautiful polish, if there is one thing I suck more at photographing than holographic polishes it is photographing duochrome polishes. I like to fantasize that if I had one of those great DSLR cameras I would magically become a fantastic photographer of all of the things!!!! Yeah. Riiiiight... I included four shots in this post to try to give you an idea of what this pretty stuff can do but you are going to have to engage your imagination to a certain extent. Oh stop. It's good for you. We all need mental exercise.

This swatch is two coats and topped with good old Seche Vite.

The formula on this polish is just so good. The viscosity is a tiny bit thin, like a good duochrome often is, that odd... I don't know how to define it duochrome thing. It sits down where it is placed and cooperates without arguing, streaking, running away, pooling or flooding my cuticles or bubbling. It is, as you can see in my photographs a tad brushstroke-y. 'Tis the nature of the beast, baby. The shimmer pigments in many duochromes just come out brushstroke-y, especially in macro photographs. To the casual eye, it is smooth, silky and very shiny. Dry time on this polish is quick as a bunny, even faster with a great fast dry top coat.

This polish is so pretty and fun and if you don't have many duochromes, is a great way to dip your toes into the funky finish waters, too! OPI Kermit Me to Speak is a Limited Edition polish but I just checked the Ulta website and it is available there, you could pop in to your local Ulta stores and it should be there, too. Sally Beauty Supply may still have a bottle or two, JC Penny salons carry OPI as do other salons and beauty supplies. They aren't hard to find, yet if you are really craving a bottle.

What do you think of OPI Kermit Me to Speak? Do you like? Love? Meh? Please do speak. I encourage it, you never have to ask, here!

Thank you so very much for swinging by and reading. Have a terrific rest of your day, stay cool and may your polish never bubble.

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