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CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in No. 55 Romance

Hello gentle reader. I am of the opinion that we all need a little luxury in our lives. Be it a beautiful bottle of fragrance, some gorgeous makeup, a very special handbag, that suit or dress that you saved for for so long, a great car you worked so hard for... Whatever it is, big ticket or small indulgence, I believe that we all deserve to treat ourselves to something very designer, very chi-chi from time to time, when the spirit moves us and the budget allows. The last time I was in the Valley, the spirit moved me. I had just had a doctor's appointment and I deserved a treat. Little kids get a lollipop, big kids get makeup. Specifically, CHANEL makeup. That day, I splurged on a lipstick and an eye shadow quad. (Which I will talk about in a future post.) The lipstick I chose, after much swatching, narrowing down of choices and agonized waffling back and forth between two finalists is CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine in 55 Romance. I almost chose Boy, as it is a beautiful neutral a

Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush in 03

Hello gentle reader. When Ulta held a (not so) recent beauty steal event, one of the products I decided to pick up is the Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush in shade number 03. This blush normally retails for $22.00 but I was able to snap it up for a mere $11.00. Eleven dollars very well spent, as it turns out. Look at the box. It goes with my blog, don't you think? *grin* The packaging. Oh! The packaging! Gentle reader, it is gorgeous. The heavy plastic is smooth, silky and as shiny as a polished piece of agate. The corners are rounded and the compact feels lovely in the hand. This is luxury level packaging for a mid tier makeup product and I love it. The front view. I can't stand it! Oh! So nice! Just look at that subtle bevel and the rounded corners! You should hear the solid snap!  when the packaging is closed. So satisfying. Have some details. We all need a little information. I need to learn how to photograph shiny packaging without showing the reflection

Review: Luxie Lush Pink Perfection Professional Brush Set

*Amazon Affiliate Link in Use* Hello gentle reader. Makeup brushes. I am turning into a damn ass hoarder of makeup brushes. Since the fist of the year I have switched out my few very, very old, very, very bedraggled makeup brushes for lots and lots of brand new, very nice makeup brushes. One recent acquisition is the  Luxie Lush Pink Perfection Professional Brush Set . This set of brushes was a gift to me from my husband. I like to spam his e-mail with stuff on my Amazon wishlist just in case he gets it into his head to pick up a little something for the old ball and chain. This brush set is one of those little somethings. Comprised of a synthetic leather covered two piece travel cup and twelve hand made synthetic makeup brushes, the  Luxie Lush Pink Perfection Set  is a complete set of brushes that can work as a minimalist's sole set of makeup brushes or is a beautiful addition to a makeup brush hoard  collection. This brush set is perfect for vegan and cruelty free bea

Review: Radical Skin Care Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum

*Press Sample* Hello gentle readers. Radical Skin Care Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum . From the minds of sisters, Liz and Rachel Edlich comes a skin care line created to address the signs of aging and improve the appearance of the skin.  Radical Skin Care promises: Fights the 16 causes of aging Reduces the number of wrinkles and their depth Improves skin elasticity and firmness Increases hydration and softness of the skin From the Radical Skin Care Website: ONE SERUM for all skin types, all ages, all ethnic origins to fight 16 identified causes of aging. The triple potency action of Trylacel™ technology in a complete, universal and multi tasking serum designed to achieve fast and visible results. 13 active ingredients chosen for their efficacy ,their ability to work in synergy, their clinical results to reduce the deepest wrinkles, even skin-tone, improve skin elasticity and firmness. Ingredients: From the Radical Skin Care Website:

Review: Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy in Full House

Hello gentle readers. Grab a cup of coffee. I'm about to talk your ear off. So to speak. Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy in Full House. Oy to the vey. This polish. This polish. This polish. This polish. I am gong to begin with a positive comment about this polish because it is going to get ugly, really soon and I don't believe in trashing products but this one is going to get a thorough smack upside the head. The colour. I love this beautiful turquoise colour. Now, let's dance. I shall start with the formula. The overall texture isn't bad, it isn't too thick or too runny but it is hard to work with. This polish is downright cantankerous. As it goes on, it streaks, it likes to drag, it will stack, as you add a second coat. This polish sits down where it is placed and it isn't too prone to flooding or running but I had a lot of cleanup trying to avoid the damned coat stacking issue at the edges. This polish doesn't self level worth a damn and if you don