Bargain Beauty! Freeman Anti Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask Review

Hello gentle readers.

I love to do a nice face mask a couple of times a week. It is refreshing, rejuvenating, relaxing and makes my skin look a little better. No downside. Right?


Oh, don't get me wrong... The Freeman Anti Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask does work; it cleanses, softens and temporarily improves the overall tone of my skin. It is cooling and refreshing to my face as it does it's job and it isn't obnoxiously difficult to whisk away when it is time to remove it.

The problem lies in the Dead Sea Minerals. My poor, sensitive eyes just can't with this mask. There is something about Dead Sea minerals... that ingredient makes my eyes burn and sting and water for about five minutes after application then they hurt and want to run away until I remove the mask. I have had this problem with other clay masks that contain Dead Sea minerals. I was hoping that the Freeman would be different but it is not.

*sigh* It's not the mask. It's me. I won't be applying this mask to my face, again. I'll use it up on the backs of my hands and on my feet on pampering mani-pedi days.

While I can't use this mask on my face, I do recommend it if you aren't sensitive to Dead Sea minerals. It is a nice, pampering treatment and, at less than five dollars a tube, it is downright affordable, too! I bought this mask from Ulta's website. You can also find it in selected drugstores, mass retail stores and even some grocery stores with beauty departments.

Have you tried the Freeman Anti Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask? Do you enjoy it? Do your eyes stress over it? Please do tell.

Tank you for coming in and reading. Stay relaxed and have a beautiful day!