My Next Summer Giveaway! Win Two Sleek Makeup Eye Shadow Palettes and Some Lashes, Too!

Hello gentle readers.

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your entries and supporting my blog! *muah!*

It's time for my next giveaway! You can enter to win two Sleek Makeup Eye Shadow Palettes, one in Au Natural and one in Acid plus two pairs of fun, flirty false eyelashes to amp up your new eye looks!

These eye palettes are brand new, (I only opened the lids to look at them and make sure they survived shipping from England intact then closed them back up. I never touched the interior of the palettes) and untouched. The two pairs of lashes are also brand new, unopened. All items were purchased by me with my husband's hard earned money.

This Giveaway is open to my U.S. readers, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. I decided to make this a domestic giveaway because Sleek isn't so easily available here in the States.

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Rules: ***Please read all rules, thoroughly. I am not responsible for difficulties arising from an entrant's decision not to read the rules or their trying to break or bend any of them.***

This giveaway will run from the time this post goes live until Midnight August 21st, 2014. I allow Rafflecopter to randomly choose my giveaway winners. I will verify entries then e-mail the winner and she/he will have 48 hours, from the time I send the e-mail to get back to me by e-mail and provide a shipping address. If I don't hear from the winner within the 48 hour window, I will draw a new winner. ***I reserve the right to give the winner a little additional time to respond but don't count on that.***

Please use the Rafflecopter widget, below to enter. Just give it time to load and do as many of the tasks as you would like in order to rack up extra entries and increase your chances to win. The only mandatory task is to leave me your e-mail address. (I never spam or share.) Only entries entered into the Rafflecopter widget will be accepted. I do not accept entries by e-mail or via a comment. ***If you have a problem entering, for some reason, please e-mail me. My contact info is in my Contact tab at the top of my blog page.***

Please double check your e-mail address before you click the enter button! I will not be held responsible for an e-mail not going through because the entrant made a typo when filling in their e-mail address. If you give me the wrong or an incorrect e-mail address and you are the winner and I can't reach you, tough luck. I will wait out the 48 hours then select a new winner.

You must be a legal resident of the United States. This is a U.S. only giveaway because Sleek isn't widely available here and I want to share these with my U.S. readers. Residents of Puerto Rico are welcome to enter. Alaska and Hawaii, too!

You must be eighteen or older or have the permission of a parent or legal guardian to enter and give me your mailing address, should you be chosen the winner. Don't put me in the awkward position of being called out by parents who are not happy that some random broad from the Internet has their address and knows where their kid lives. If this happens, trust me, I won't be pleased.

This is a one off prize! Meaning, if it is damaged or lost in shipping, I won't be held responsible for said damage or loss and I WILL NOT provide a replacement. Once the package leaves my hands at the Post Office, it is in the tender care of the Mail Gods. I will try to obtain and provide a tracking number and estimated date of delivery. I am not making a guarantee of this. But I will do my best.

Drama. Save it for your mama. I won't have it and if any drama, trash talking toward me or fellow readers/entrants ensues, allow me to assure you, you will be immediately disqualified. We are all adults, here. Let's behave as such.

If I even SUSPECT that you are trying, in any way, to circumvent or cheat the rules of this giveaway, if I find out that your entries are falsified in any way, I will disqualify you. No questions asked, no arguments. My blog, my giveaway, my rules. My way.

These rules are non negotiable and I reserve the right to edit, expand on or add new rules at any time during the giveaway entry period.

Sorry that these rules are so asshole-ish. Unfortunately, past experiences have made it necessary. I really am a pretty nice person and I am approachable. If you have any questions, e-mail me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Okay, I think that's it! I'm all done being a jerk. Enter, enter! To your heart's content and GOOD LUCK!