Review: Derm Organic Hair Care

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Hello gentle reader.

Derm Organic  hair care. This review was supposed to be written Sunday afternoon or evening to post for Monday. However, I got distracted. By what? You might ask. Not what. Whom. Sherlock. On Nexflix. I told myself that I could watch one episode then to work. Next thing I knew, it was two in the morning and I had binge watched the entire series and was too fried to write my name, much less a blog post. Lesson learned. Stay the hell off of Netflix until after my work is done! We won't discuss how I binge watched all seven seasons of The West Wing in about a week... 

Moving on.

Derm Organic  Argon Hair Care is a line specially formulated without artificial preservatives, sodium chloride,salt, MEA, DEA or artificial dyes. This hair care line is sulfate, paraben and propylene glycol free. It is pH balanced and formulated without heavy artificial fragrances. Derm Organic hair care is vegan, gluten free and cruelty free.

Okay. That all sounds good. But, does it work? Let's run it down and find out, Shall we?

Derm Organic Daily Conditioning Shampoo is a gentle, sulfate free formula that none the less gets my hair lovely and clean without leaving it feeling dry, stripped or unhappy in any way. My hair doesn't usually like sulfate free shampoo, most of them leave it angry, staring and looking as if it had been washed in rocket fuel. This shampoo, while gentle, cleanses very well. I can usually get my hair clean in one good shampooing, even after using product, including hair spray, heavy silicone treatments and oil. Impressive. And no straw stack head.

Derm Organic Daily Hydrating Conditioner is a lightweight, silky formula that spreads evenly through the hair, moisturizes and gives pretty impressive wet slip for combing with the conditioner in my hair and after rinsing it out. This conditioner rinses out quickly, leaving my hair feeling light, soft and bouncy after it dries. I just have to ask, why do hair care companies release smaller bottles of conditioner than shampoo? I go through more conditioner, faster than I do shampoo. Yet, smaller conditioner bottles. No bueno.

Derm Organic Daily Conditioning Shampoo. This pearly, white creamy shampoo has a very light, clean scent that reminds me of Ivory soap. The scent is not obnoxious and it doesn't linger so it would probably not be irritating to but the most sensitive.

Derm Organic Daily Hydrating Conditioner. This medium viscosity white creamy conditioner has a lightly naturally sweet scent. Again, the scent is very subtle and doesn't linger.

Derm Organic Intensive Hair Repair Masque. I am always wary of hair care line claims of repairing or healing damaged hair. Bottom line, our hair is a dead thing, it is incapable of healing or being repaired. It is possible for ingredients like silicone and oil to temporarily coat, smooth, "glue" splits and weak areas, leaving the hair looking and feeling smoother and softer. This masque does that admirably. I like this on it's own as a deep treatment or mixed in with my Daily Hydrating Conditioner to give it an extra hydration bump. I also like to take a little bit and run it through my dripping wet length and ends as a leave in.

Derm Organic Intensive Hair Repair Masque. This is a smooth, thick, creamy conditioner that is super slippy and deeply hydrating. It has a slightly stronger naturally sweet scent that doesn't linger long.

Derm Organic Firm Hold Volume Foam. This product works pretty well. Like all mousse like foam hold products, there is potential for stiff, slightly sticky hair if it is abused. I like to use this when I want to wear my hair in it's natural wurls. It also does a good job of volumizing my roots when I blow dry. I currently have much thinner hair than normal so I have to use this with care or it will overwhelm my hair and leave it looking like 80's moussed perm hair. Not what I want to see in the mirror.

Derm Organic Firm Hold Volume Foam. Is mousse. A mousse by any other foamy name is still mousse.

Derm Organic Leave In Spray Therapy is a beautiful spray shine enhancer and hair smoother. I like this as a finisher and my dry, chemically blonde hair loves this used as a leave in treatment, when applied while my hair is damp. As with any product of this type, it can make the hair look oily if too much is used. This shine spray has a bit more scent than the other products in this line but it doesn't linger long.

Derm Organic Fast Dry Shaping Spray. This is a pretty good hairspray. It isn't heavily scented, it does dry pretty quickly and gives firm, flexible hold. I can feel this hairspray in my hair more than I really care for but it is still pretty good and I am cheerfully using it.

So you are probably asking yourself, "Does she really use these products or did she just give them a sniff and a swatch, fire of her pictures, stuff the bottles in a box  and write up her review?"

I really use them. Check out my shower caddy.

I like the Derm Organic Hair Care Line. It is effective, gentle and for a specialty line, affordable. This line is available from the Derm Organic Website, Ulta, Amazon. I have seen random products from this line at stores like TJ MAXX, Beall's Outlet, Ross. Keep your eyes peeled, they aren't hard to find. I would be happy to purchase any of the products in this line, save for the hairspray. I like the hairspray well enough but it isn't my favorite. Hairspray is one of those products that is very personal. We like what we like... And to be perfectly honest, I love another.

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Have you tried Derm Organic hair care? What do you think of it? Love? Leave? Are there certain products that float your boat and others that kind of sink it? Please do tell, I'd love to hear what you have to say about this line.

Thank you so much for reading this long review. Stay cool and have a beautiful day.

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