Review: Luxie Lush Pink Perfection Professional Brush Set

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Hello gentle reader.

Makeup brushes. I am turning into a damn ass hoarder of makeup brushes. Since the fist of the year I have switched out my few very, very old, very, very bedraggled makeup brushes for lots and lots of brand new, very nice makeup brushes.

One recent acquisition is the Luxie Lush Pink Perfection Professional Brush Set. This set of brushes was a gift to me from my husband. I like to spam his e-mail with stuff on my Amazon wishlist just in case he gets it into his head to pick up a little something for the old ball and chain. This brush set is one of those little somethings.

Comprised of a synthetic leather covered two piece travel cup and twelve hand made synthetic makeup brushes, the Luxie Lush Pink Perfection Set is a complete set of brushes that can work as a minimalist's sole set of makeup brushes or is a beautiful addition to a makeup brush hoard collection. This brush set is perfect for vegan and cruelty free beauties, as the bristles on all of the brushes are synthetic. No soft creatures are harmed or bothered to produce the brush hairs.

The Luxie Lush Pink Perfection brushes are just so pretty. The lightweight wooden handles are painted in a slightly pearly light pink. The Luxie Lush name is embossed on the handles in silver and the ferrules are rose gold tone metal. There are no numbers or brush designations on the handles. Some users may find this to be an inconvenience but I don't really mind. I tend to use brushes as they best work for me, not according to what the brush maker tells me that brush is "supposed" to do.

Let us explore this set of brushes, shall we?

First we have four face brushes. From the top:

  • 502 ~ Large Powder Brush 
  • 508 ~ Duo Fiber Stippling Brush 
  • 504 ~ Large Angle Brush  
  • 510 ~ Foundation Brush 

The eye brushes. From the top:

  • 205 ~ Tapered Blending Brush 
  • 213 ~ Eye Shading Brush
  • 209 ~ Large Shader Brush
  • 207 ~ Medium Angled Shading
  • 217 ~ Pencil Brush
  • 211 ~ Precision Concealer Brush
  • 215 ~ Small Angle Brush
  • 219 ~ Point Eye Liner Brush
The only brush in this set for which I have absolutely no love is that stupid paddle foundation brush. Why do brush companies insist upon saddling us with that brush in every frakking set? Does anyone really use them? In my opinion, they are a waste of money and space. Offer them separately for those who love and really want them and give us a brush we will actually get off on owning and using, regularly. Like, a nice blush brush or a big tulip shaped all purpose face brush or even a big, super soft, heavenly huge fan brush. (Hint. Hint.)

The bristles/brush hairs - whatever you like to call them - on these brushes are so soft yet densely packed and firm enough to pick up products, apply and blend them out beautifully. These brushes are useful when applying powder, liquid and cream products. Not one hair has shed. Not one hair has broken. These brushes feel sturdy and well made but are light and comfortable in the hand. So far, the ferrules are nice and tight, no wigging or gluing.

These brushes clean up beautifully. I can use them to apply the most richly pigmented products, the stickiest silicone based foundations and concealers and upon cleaning, the silky, synthetic fibers release product easily and come out spic and span. No staining, no holding on to nasty bits, deep in the brush head. If washed in soap and water, these brushes take a little longer to dry. I routinely clean my brushes in 91% rubbing alcohol and these brushes dry fast. Eye brushes in just minutes, face brushes within an hour or so.

I like the Luxie Lush Pink Perfection Professional Brush Set. For a twelve piece, quality synthetic brush set, the price of $110.00 is a touch spendy but I don't feel as if husband person paid too much, really. And he certainly didn't object; in fact, he expected them to be more expensive. The prices are about the same, maybe a few dollars lower than Sigma and similar tier brushes.

I received a coupon with a discount code with my brush set that I can use when I shop on the Luxie Lush website. And I plan to shop on their website. I would like some more of their beautiful, useful brushes in my collection.

Have you tried Luxie Lush brushes? Do you like them as much as I do? Please hit me up in a comment, I'd love to hear what you think of this brand.

Thank you so much for coming in and reading my blog and have a beautiful day!
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