Zoya Tinsley: Review and Photographs

Hello gentle reader.

Zoya Tinsley is one of those shimmer jellies that Zoya does so very beautifully. This grapefruit pink jelly base is packed to the rafters with gold fleck shimmer. In some light, it is pink with sparks of gold and in others, it turns to blazing golden coral and shifts back and forth depending on the light and movement of the hand.

This mani was two coats of Zoya Tinsley and topped with two coats of Posche`.

Taken in my impromptu photo studio under my new lights.

In the sun.

And a shot taken in the light coming in through my window. Oh, spank me!

The formula on Zoya Tinsley is stunning. Fluid, smooth and oh so easy to apply. I enjoyed putting this polish on. It flows off of the brush, sits down where it is told to, doesn't streak, drag, run, pool or bubble. Dry time isn't bad. Better with a fast dry top coat. This polish is thirsty; I used two coats to get it as smooth and shiny-shiny as I wanted it to be. Wear time is pretty good. I got three days out of this which is about normal for me with Zoya. I don't know why my stupid nails don't wear polish with more grace for longer periods of time. They just don't. I don't blame the polish, (unless it is just bad). Shorter wear time for me is just the way it is. I'm good with it.

Zoya polishes can be found on their website, many walk in retailers, including Ulta and online from various retailers. Zoya retails for $9.00 a bottle and is, in my not so humble opinion, worth it.

Do you love some Zoya Tinsley? Zoya polish, in particular? What is your favorite shade of Zoya polish? Please drop me a comment and tell me all about it.

Thank you so much for reading this review. Have a fab day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. If you like gold shimmer, this polish is for you. :D

  2. This is one of my all-time favorite Zoya shades, and my fave polishes. Period.

  3. This shade is so beyond gorgeous!

  4. What a stunner! I discovered Zoya few months ago and I have quite the collection already! :-)

  5. Thank you. :) They are easy to love and collect, aren't' they?

  6. Why, thank you. :)

    Definitely check this out. It's even better in person.

  7. And if anyone should know a pretty pink... ;)

  8. I love it when I can hit a reader with a fave. :D

  9. I own this shade and always forget how gorgeous it is!! Beautiful swatches!

  10. Thank you. :) I do that... See a polish I haven't used in a while on a blog and am reminded of how beautiful it is, how much I like it.

  11. You bet your sweet bippy. :D


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