Autumn Skin Care: Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

Hello gentle reader.

As we transition from Summer into Autumn, the air cools, dries out and becomes crisp.

So does our skin. Lower humidity means less moisture in the air means tight, dry, flaky, itchy, uncomfortable skin. One great way to combat that problem is with regular scrub sessions in the shower. Preferably with something that not only exfoliates, but imparts moisture to the skin and smells great, while you are at it.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub covers all of the bases. Formulated with whole sugar grains and walnut shell powder for efficient removal of dry skin cells without being harsh and lots of shea nut oil, other natural, nourishing oils and Vitamin C, this scrub does it's job and leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, delightfully moisturized and pampered. This scrub can be used before or after your favorite soap or body wash. Used after, as I prefer, it leaves a light film of shea and natural oil to sink in and further moisturize your skin without leaving you feel slippery or gross. I use this scrub once or twice a week and my skin is velvety soft and comfortable.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub comes in a handful of great scents. I recently took advantage of an Ulta sale and ordered three tubs since they were buy two, get one free. My favorite of the bunch is Brazilian Nut, it smells as if you are scrubbing down with dessert. Notes of caramel, cocoa, a hit of coffee and a background of warm, smokey shea. So delicious. Hawaiian Kukui is tropical, with hints of fruit, natural coconut and natural shea. Original Shea smells earthy, rich and of that warm, smokey shea. I like all three; my clear fave is of course, the Brazilian Nut as I love rich, sweet scents.

This scrub, while very moisturizing doesn't leave your shower or tub coated, dirty, greasy or a dangerous, slippery mess. Any time you use a product like this, you should be a little careful but I find my footing to be steady, when using these.

I really like the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrubs. They are effective, at about eight dollars for a big, eighteen ounce tub affordable and don't leave a mess behind. When I work my way through what I have, I will purchase, again.

Have you tried Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub? What do you think of it? What is your favorite scent? If you aren't into Tree Hut, do you have a favorite scrub? Please do tell.

Thank you so much for popping by and reading and have a beautiful day.

OPI Neon Collection

Hello gentle reader.

Nothing like Summer neons in Autumn. Yep. I am a sad excuse of a blogger, lately. I have so many polishes that I need to swatch, photograph and talk about. Some going way back to Spring. I just kept buying and setting aside and stash diving for polishes to wear. Because I suck like that.

The OPI Neons this year are particularly pretty. Some are shimmery, some not. This collection includes a white base coat to amp up these neons and make them look more opaque with fewer coats applied. But, since one is applying the white base, one is still applying plenty of coats. Six one, half a dozen the other.

All of these shots are two coats of the neons over two coats of Put a Coat On It and are topped with Seche Vite.

First up, Hotter Than You Pink and Push and Pur-Pull:

Hotter Than You Pink is a beautiful, bright bubblegum pink neon with a blue-ish shimmer. This is one of the prettiest neon polishes I own. This polish has a pretty nice formula. A bit thin and uneven on the first coat but it evened out very nicely on the second. Seche Vite made it perfect.

Push and Pur-Pull is a purple neon jelly. This polish is very thin and applied streaky, I really should have applied a third coat. Lazy slag that I am, I didn't. It still looked pretty good with two.

Now we have Life Gave Me Lemons and You Are So Out of Lime:

Life Gave Me Lemons is a slightly green toned neon yellow creme. The formula wasn't bad. I really like this colour, the green tinge makes it very wearable and a bit different than the usual bright yellow.

You Are So Out of Lime is a lime green neon creme. The formula is pretty good, a bit streaky but it evens out nicely. Sadly, my photographs of this colour are not terribly accurate. My poor camera took one look at this and ran in the other direction. I'm thinking it is about time to break down, join the Cloud and learn some basic Photoshop so that I can fix little things like this.

Moving on.

Lastly there is Juice Bar Hopping and Down to the Core-Al: 

Juice Bar Hopping is a clear, juicy neon orange. This colour is very bright, grab your sunglasses or singe your retinas bright. The formula on this one gave me a lot of trouble, it was very streaky and it bubbled. Thank you Seche Vite, you smooth troubled polish.

Down To the Core-Al is a hot, bright orange coral with shimmer. The formula on this one is good.

Bright, fun neon dots!

Overall, these polishes are good. Like most neons, they want a white base for maximum pop and can be a bit streaky and titchy to work with until you get a feel for them. I applied two coats for these manicures, I really should have applied three. Dry time is good on these polishes but with the number of coats, including the base, it takes a little time for them to cure. Wear time isn't stellar. I got two days or so out of each manicure. A little longer from the dotted, I think because I applied extra top coat.

These polishes are available, here and there but they are getting a little hard to find.

Did you get any of these bright, fun neons and enjoy them this Summer?

Thank you for swinging by and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

The Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup

Hello gentle reader.
Here is the roundup for my fellow Blogazons.
Have a good one!

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup

Hello gentle reader.

My fellow beauty bloggers have some great ideas, suggestions and reviews. Go forth, read, be enabled!

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  • How to Smell Absolutely Delicious

    Hello gentle reader.

    They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I beg to differ. I think it is through his beak.

    Did you know that two of the scents that men respond most positively to in research are pumpkin and vanilla? 'Tis true. My man is no exception. He grooves on vanilla and pumpkin based scents. His favorite candle in my stash is Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. If I am perusing, trying to decide what to light up, he will grab that one and stand there, with a hopeful look on his face. Yep. Seems the boy likes him some vanilla and pumpkin. Which is a good thing, since I like to drench myself in sweet, warm, gourmand fragrance, walking around smelling like a bowl of some warm, gooey lovin' from the oven.

    This Fall, I am feeling Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow Comfort. They call it creamy pumpkin latte and toasted marshmallow. I think I am picking up some vanilla, a hint of honey, a whiff of crackling fire. This is a sweet scent that doesn't come across as cloying and heavy.

    I like to take the layering approach for maximum enjoyment and prolonged scent.

    Scent layering starts in the shower or tub. I am new to Bath and Body Works shower gels. Well, I am now a huge fan. The shower gel is fragranced and the lather is soft and cushioning. I have very, very dry skin and this shower gel doesn't dry my skin. It leaves my skin slightly scented and my sanctuary smelling scrumptious for a while.

    Next, moisturize. I really like this body lotion. I don't need huge handfuls, it spreads smoothly across the skin and sinks in fast. There is no wet or greasy after feel and I can get dressed, right away. This stuff leaves my skin feeling velvety soft until my next shower. If I am not going out or want just a light whiff around me, I stop here.

    When I want to ramp it up, next comes the fragrance mist. All over, head to toe, even in my hair. Yes, I am one of those freaks who wears perfume in her hair.

    Now comes the coup de gras... Bath and Body Works is releasing a new signature scent, soon. (It may be out, by now... Not sure) Wild Madagascar Vanilla and it is quite gorgeous. It is vanilla but not too sweet, with hints of pear and fire. I tried the tester, instantly fell in love, bought a preview bottle and picked up a second the next time I was in for more candles. After I layer my Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow Comfort, I hit my pulse points and hair with Wild Madagascar Vanilla Perfume Spray. This scent is long lasting, I can still smell it on my skin the next day before I shower. Mmmm... So good.

    That is how I smell absolutely delicious. When I layer these scents, husband hangs around a little more, lingers a bit longer, sticks a little closer. I don't wear fragrance for him, but it is gratifying that he likes what I wear.

    Okay, I set out a Leaves candle to burn on this rainy, breezy day. Husband just put it away and got out Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and lit it up! What did I tell you? Pumpkin. Vanilla. Trust me.

    How do you like to smell absolutely delicious? What are your favorite fragrance notes? What makes your sweet one come in a little closer?

    Thank you for spending a little of your Saturday with me. I am going to enjoy this very, very rare, cool, rainy day. I hope that you have a beautiful weekend.

    Street Style: Ipsy September

    Hello gentle reader.

    My September Ipsy Bag part delighted, part annoyed me, this month.

    This month's theme was "Street Style." I guess that studded, slightly tarnished silver looking vinyl bag that I oddly don't hate is the "street" portion of the style.

    The contents of my Ipsy Bag are as follows:

    Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask. Sample size. Full size is 5.25 oz,  $26.00. Thick, creamy deep conditioner enriched with avocado, sweet almond and argan oils. Paraben, silicone, sulfate, dye and fragrance free. This conditioner is cruelty free and contains some organic ingredients. It is a thick, creamy feeling deep conditioner. I haven't tried it, yet. I am still pouting and I refuse to put it in my hair. Why am I pouting? Because I am annoyed with this conditioner in the extreme. From all of the pre release hype, I was fully expecting to receive the Alterna CC Cream. I got this glop, instead. Thanks, Ipsy.

    Pacifica Natural Waterproof Eye Pencil  in Fringe. Sample size. Full size is $11.00. Claims to be waterproof, smooth and buttery and full of good for you stuff. It's a pretty-ish taupe-brown shade and it swatched nicely. The jury is out on actual performance on the eyes.

    Nourish Organic Face Cleanser . Sample tube. Full size is 6 oz, $13.99. This is the cucumber and watercress scent. I like cucumber and watercress sandwiches. Do I really need them in my face cleanser? I dunno. I haven't used this, yet. I have three face cleansers going, right now. I don't need to add a fourth to the whirl. Hey, Ipsy, I requested no skin care, moar makeup. Not that you care. After all, you didn't send me the Alterna CC for my hair. Hmph.

    Yep. Still pouting.

    Be a Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder. This is a full size product. 4 g $12.00 This super-super fine (I haven't even removed the sticker over the sifter, yet I can get powder to use. Yeah, that fine!), silky pure silica powder seems to be just the thing for setting my under eye area. Only the tiniest bit is needed, it is absolutely invisible when applied with a small, soft brush and it doesn't cause settling into my fine lines or make my under eye area look dried out. I have a feeling that this little jar of powder is going to last me a long, long time. This one is a hit.

    Hikari Lipstick. Full size. $13.00. Hikari is a brand with which I an completely unfamiliar. This lipstick is in the colour of now; a cool toned berry red called Cabernet. The packaging looks good but it is very lightweight and feels flimsy in the hand. My bullet keeps dragging on the interior of the package, something that doesn't make me happy. I suppose it shouldn't matter but dammit! It does. The lipstick is fairly creamy but can drag a bit and is a little patchy, I have to work at it to get an even, satisfactory finish. I didn't wear it long enough to ascertain whether or not it is comfortable or moisturizing. Sorry, no lip swatch. My lip pics were shite. I do like the colour, tho. It seems to work with my skin tone.

    A quick swatch shot of Pacifica Waterproof Eye Pencil in Fringe and Hikari Lipstick in Cabernet.

    The Ipsy Bag hits for me, personally this month were definitely Smooth Criminal Powder from Be a Bombshell. The bag, too. Still shaking my head over that one.

    The okay, I'll use them... They just aren't making me jump for joy products are the Pacifica eye liner and the Hikari lipstick, the facial cleanser.

    The shit is definitely that jar of deep conditioner. First off, I like silicone in my conditioner, so does my hair. So eat that, Ipsy. And secondly, I didn't receive the Alterna CC Cream. Yep. still pouting. I may never use it. Just to show them.

    Because I'm mature like that.

    I re tweaked my preferences. Again. Maybe it will help. I am willing to give Ipsy some more time. Since my first home run bag, this service has been very hit or miss for me but I have received some goodies that I have and am still really enjoying and at ten clams a month, it is a fun and relatively inexpensive treat to look forward to.

    If you are interested in trying Ipsy for yourself, it is a quick and easy set up. You give them your info, take a style quiz then you are set to go. Tip: If you want right off the wait list just do a Facebook share and you are in line for the next bag to ship. If you act quickly, you should be able to get in on October's bag! If you use the links I provided, I receive points that I can redeem for goodies. After you sign up, you can share your link for others to do the same. It's a link and points daily chain.

    Okay, this is long. Time to shut the fuck up.

    Do you subscribe to Ipsy? If so, have you been enjoying your bags, the contents? Please drop me a comment and tell me about it.

    Thank you so much for coming in and reading and go forth and have a beautiful day!

    Beauty From the Earth Pumpkin Blush

    Hello gentle reader.

    One of my recent purchases from BFTE was Pumpkin blush. Kimberly created and released Pumpkin blush as a Limited Edition for Fall, 2014. This soft orange peach with just a splash of pink and a gentle gold shimmer is perfect for this time of year. Pumpkin blush imparts a warm flush and a subtle glow and makes you look as if you had been out in the fresh Autumn air, picking pumpkins and kicking through leaf piles.

    I really need to work on my lighting. This shot was the best of a bunch. *sigh* I suck. But I think that you can see that warm, soft peachy-orange with just a hint of pink. This blush is just so pretty. The blush powder, it's self is very smooth, silky and pigmented. It glides on to the skin and blends out like a dream. I like to apply this blush with a medium density natural hair blush brush.

    Now, I know what you're thinking... Peachy. Pink. Gold shimmer. Is this dupe-y for Nars Orgasm? Funny you should ask. I asked myself the same question. And, since I happen to own Nars Orgasm, I thought I'd do a little side by side. The short answer is nope. Not dupes. Observe:

    BFTE Pumpkin blush is more peachy/orange with a pink undertone and the gold shimmer is extremely fine, more of a subtle, radiant glow.

    Nars Orgasm is a true peach-pink heavier than the BFTE blush on the pink and the gold shimmer is bolder, chunkier, much more in your face. Needless to say, when I wear Orgasm, I don't need to bother with a cheek highlighter!

    Both gorgeous. Both adored by your's truly. But not dupes. Cousins, once removed. Certainly not twins.

    So there you have it. BFTE Pumpkin blush. I like this blush muchly and I am very happy that I purchased it. If you would like to have a BFTE Pumpkin Blush of your own, they are still available but quantities are limited. BFTE Pumpkin blush is 2 g, packed in a 10 g sifter jar and is ten dollars.

    Do you own Beauty From the Earth Pumpkin blush or any other BFTE blush? Word is, Kimberly, the  BFTE Mineral Goddess Extraordinaire is working on something special for Christmas/Holiday. I, for one can't wait to see what she is cooking up in her lab.

    Thank you so much for popping in and reading. I hope that you are having a beautiful day.

    Bargain Beauty Find! NYX Suede Eye Shadow Palette

    Hello gentle reader.

    Presenting the NYX Suede Collection. I saw this palette while perusing blogs and, because I can't resist eye shadow palettes, was intrigued and had to go find it and buy it. Now, I have to tell you, I haven't been too impressed with NYX eye shadows in the past so I wasn't holding out too much hope for this palette. Why you might ask, did I buy it, then? I don't know. Thought I might as well as not.

    Shall we take a look at the item up for discussion?

    The NYX Suede Collection is an eight pan eye shadow collection housed in a slim, very lightweight paperboard palette with a swing up lid, a thin clear plastic window and a magnetic closure. The contents weighs in at 0.08 oz. or 1.7 g and this palette retails for $11.99 on the Ulta website.

    The eye shadow pans inside the palette are actually pretty good sized. The colours are very much Autumn in feel, warm, richer and a little darker. All of the shadows are shimmers.

    Ah, here is where the rubber meets the road. Swatches. These are over primer, of course. Don't these shadows look like Autumn leaves? Just looking at this palette makes me wish that it would cool down and the leaves would start changing here, already.

    Top row.

    • Cream White Shimmer. This one is a bit frosty. Good pigmentation. Just... Frosty. 
    • Soft Gold. Slightly sheer. Very pretty.
    • Bright, Polished Bronze. Really nice pigmentation. A bit... Tinny-shiny. 
    • Copper. Very pretty. Great pigmentation.

    Bottom row.

    • Warm, slightly blackened Olive Green, with a gold shimmer. Nice pigmentation.
    • Medium Brown with a gold shimmer. Pretty nice pigmentation. 
    • Blackened blue with a bit of a duochrome shift and a blue fleck. This one is kind of interesting, swatched. 
    • Medium reddish brown satin with a bit of shimmer running through it. Very good pigmentation.

    These shadows are pretty nice. They are far better quality than the NYX single shadows I own. The shadows in the Suede Collection are soft, velvety to the touch, have very good pigmentation and colour payoff. They can be quite flaky and one needs to use care to tap off one's brush and watch for fallout, especially with the darker shades. These apply easily, blend nicely. I get good wear from them over primer. Remember, I don't have oily lids and they don't eat shadow. YMMV, of course.

    I say, if you are on a budget or just want to try NYX, get thee to an Ulta store (or their website) or other retailer that carries NYX and see if you can find this palette. It is full of pretty, wearable, versatile shades. It is a solid performer and, in my opinion is a good value for the price.

    Do you own the NYX Suede Collection? What do you think of it? Please do tell.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. Have yourself a beautiful day!

    Beauty From the Earth "The Shining" Limited Edition Hallowe'en Eye Shadow Collection: Swatches

    Hello gentle reader.

    I recently purchased an eye shadow collection and a blush from Beauty From the Earth Cosmetics and in my order was a set of sample baggies containing five spooky glam multi tasking minerals that are part of their soon to be released Hallowe'en 2014 Collection. These five colours are The Shining Collection, named for familiar phrases from the iconic horror story, The Shining by Steven King. Please don't hate me... I know that so many people love the movie but I far, far prefer the book to the movie.

    Rather like movie adaptations of Steven King novels that can get the job done but not fully immerse you in the story, my swatch photograph will give you a good idea of the beauty to be had when this collection releases. But to get the full impact of these beautiful shadows, you will really need to see them in person.

    Let's take a quick look at the goodies, shall we? These swatches are over lightly moisturized skin and eye shadow primer. I always use primer when I apply and wear eye shadow and that is how I always swatch shadows, unless I state otherwise.

    Beauty From the Earth The Shining Hallowe'en 2014 Eye Shadow Collection:

    • Overlook Hotel: A blackened aubergine with copper fleck. 
    • Room 217: A deceptively demure rose with an ectoplasmic floating blue shimmer and blue and multi coloured fleck. 
    • Killer Topiary: In the book, the sinister greenery was not a maze, it was sculpted bushes. This new leaf green is augmented with a floating gold shift and blue fleck. 
    • Redrum: Soft, rusty matte red. When do you plan to clean that up?  You know it's going to stain, don't you? 
    • Heere's Johnnie! This is a saturated purple with a lighter purple floating shimmer and a blue fleck. 
    What did I tell you? Gorgeous, yes? 

    I think I need to own these in the full size. These are fun for this time of year but they are versatile enough to mix and match all year around. 

    What do you think of the upcoming BFTE The Shining Collection? Like what you see? Think that you are going to need it, too? Like BFTE on Facebook to stay updated and be in the know when this beautiful collection is ready for purchase. 

    Thank you so much for coming by and reading. Happy Fall, gentle reader! Have a beautiful day. 

    OPI Green On the Runway

    Hello gentle reader.

    OPI Green On the Runway, from the Summer '14 Coca Cola Collection is one of those polishes. You know what I'm talking about. Those polishes that have that it factor: Colour, shine, presence. OPI Green On the Runway has all of that to spare.

    OPI Green On the Runway is a stunning Colombian emerald green shimmer that shifts hard to brown. There is very little in between with this duochrome. It is one or the other, green, brown or shifting both, there is little interplay of other shades and tones that you normally see in other duochrome polishes.

    While this polish was released in a Summer collection, I have to tell you, I think it is perfect for Autumn. The shift from green to brown perfectly symbolizes the changing of leaves. If I were working at OPI, I would have saved this for a Fall collection. But, that's just me.

    I like to wear this over a good ridge filling base coat and topped with Seche Vite. This mani is two coats.

    Sorry about the creepy exposure on this last shot but it really shows that shift. I got a great shot of this polish by accident with my cell phone when I was in my car, one day and published it on my Instagram, here. Isn't that always the way?

    The formula on OPI Green On the Runway is near perfect. Fluid, thin but not runny, easy to control it glides onto the nails, doesn't run, streak, drag, pool or bubble. Dry time is quick, a good fast dry top coat makes it almost lightening fast. Wear time is acceptable for me at about three days.

    As always, my photos just don't do this insanely gorgeous polish full justice. If you like green polish, if you are into duochromes and you haven't picked this one up yet and can find a bottle, I urge you to get one, while you still can. It is special and worthy of a place in your polish collection. Okay, I just checked the Ulta website and it is still available there. Try Sally Beauty Supply, JC Penny salons. Look around, while it isn't in as wide release as it was earlier in the year, it is still attainable.

    Do you own OPI Green On the Runway? What do you think of it? Are you a fan of duochrome polishes? Please do share your thoughts.

    Thank you for reading, have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

    I Love Nail Polish My Little Glacier

    Hello gentle reader.

    I Love Nail Polish My Little Glacier is a masterpiece of multichrome and holographic wonder. This glorious shifter starts grey, goes to blue then deep blue, on to green, even flashes of yellow, at just the right angles. Add the subtle diffused and rainbow linear holo effect and well... Your nails are in for a real treat.

    Just don't look for it in these photographs. I managed to make this polish look about as dull as it possibly can. Duo and multichromes and holos... I just fuck them up. Utterly and completely. Every time.

    This is two coats of My Little Glacier and two coats of Posche top coat. I don't know why, but I find that these polishes seem to work best on my nails with two coats of this top coat. So, I go with it.

    So frustrating.

    In this last shot, if you look carefully, you can see hints of some of the beautiful colours that show from this polish in person. I really need to learn how to photograph duochrome, multichrome and holographic polish better because this shit is completely unacceptable.

    What isn't unacceptable is the formula on this polish. It is, in a word, fantastic. Fluid, easy, biddable. This polish applies like a dream. It doesn't run, streak, drag, pool, bubble or give any other trouble. I had a little bit of cleanup, mostly just fussbudget refining. Dry time is excellent. I got a solid four days out of this manicure. Good enough for me.

    I really love I Love Nail Polish's duo and multichrome polishes and holographic polishes. And when the effects are mixed? Well, the result is just dynamite.

    If my photographs didn't scare you away and you wold like to have your own bottle of this stunning polish, you can grab a bottle for yourself right here. This polish is $12.50 and worth every penny. I Love Nail Polish has beautiful polish, fabulous quality, excellent customer service and they ship lightening fast. When my budget allows, I love shopping from them and I am so happy that I bought My Little Glacier.

    So tell me, do you own I Love Nail Polish My Little Glacier? Any other ILNP polishes? What is your favorite ILNP shade or finish? Please do tell.

    Thank you so much for stopping in and reading and may your polish never bubble.

    Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Limited Edition 15 Piece Professional Brush Set Review

    Hello gentle reader.

    A while back I was swanning around on the Target website and I ran across the Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary 15 Piece Limited Edition Professional Brush Set. It was beginning to get some buzz on the blogs so I pulled the trigger on that set without hesitation. Unusual for me. I am an online shopping ditherer. I chose the pick up at my local store option and from the time I placed my order to receiving the text that my brushes were ready to come home, it was ten or fifteen minutes. Talk about instant gratification online shopping!

    I feel like kind of a jerk doing this review because this brush set has become difficult to find. But not enough of a jerk to not do the review. Now, how's that for rocking sentence structure? Want to indulge in more crappy grammar? Read on.

    This beautiful, limited edition, purple and gold fifteen brush set was created to celebrate fifteen years of award winning brushes by Sonia Kashuk. The brush set was packaged in a flat, red and silver presentation box with Thank You in different languages written all over it. In the box is a clear, moulded bed in which nestled the fifteen brushes, all safe and ready to delight the eye or to be given as a gift.

    These special edition brushes have deep aubergine plastic handles with Sonia Kashuk imprinted on them in gold tone. There are no numbers or brush functions printed on the handles. Some may find this to be an inconvenience. I don't. I have been slapping makeup on this old face long enough that I pretty much know which brush does what. And there is a legend on the back of the box. The handles are tipped in gold tone and the ferrules are gold tone, as well. All of the brush heads are a beautiful saturated purple.

    The brush fibers are a mix of natural hair and synthetic.

    The Face Brushes from the top:

    • Powder Brush. Natural hair. Very soft and fluffy. Not densely packed. Sweeps powder or bronzer onto the skin without disturbing the foundation. 
    • Blush Brush. Natural hair. Very soft and fluffy. Not densely packed. This is a nice brush for pigmented powder blushes or for spot application of setting powders. 
    • Contour Brush. Natural hair. Very soft, short, densely packed brush applies contour in a precise and controlled fashion. I am loving this brush! I never want to apply contour with a standard angled brush, again. This brush has changed my contouring life! 
    • Angled Multipurpose Brush. Synthetic. Densely packed. Kind of prickly and scratchy, to me. I have tried to make this work for foundation application and it just leaves my makeup looking streaky and brushstroke-y. I think I am going to repurpose this one to masque and other skin treatment application. 
    • Duo Fiber Buffing Brush. This is a mix of natural and synthetic hairs. This brush is dense and very soft. I keep petting it as I go by but I have yet to put it to use.
    • Foundation Brush. Synthetic. *le sigh* You all know how I feel about these brushes. Thanks to the lovely and creative Nidia of Lit From Within I now have a use for the once useless paddle foundation brushes! At Nidia's suggestion, I started using them to apply masque and sticky scrubs and so on. I should be able to use them for peels, too. Freaking brilliant!I love you, Nidia. Great idea. So, if you have a pile of paddle brushes languishing in a drawer, haul a couple of those lazy bitches out and put them to work! 

    On to the Eye Brushes:

    • Concealer Brush. Synthetic. Applies concealer, cream shadow, even powder shadow. I like it best for creamy concealer and cream shadow. 
    • Small Eye Shadow Brush. Natural Hair. This is a nice brush for soft, easy looks. It doesn't really pack colour on the lid like a dense, flat shader but it does a nice job of sweeping the colour across the lid and blending, too. 
    • Blending Brush. And how! This natural hair brush does it's job like a champ. So soft, there is no irritation to the delicate eye area but it is just firm and fluffy enough to get in there and soften edges, blend shades and colours together and make your eye look like a dream scene. Excellent brush.
    • Crease Brush. Natural hair. Yep. This does good crease work. Because I am a hooded eyed old battleaxe and this brush is a bit on the "plump" side for a crease brush (I tend to favor pencil brushes for crease work) I need to use a little care with this brush or shit can get out of control, fast. This brush is very soft but firm enough that with care does an excellent job of pulling a deep colour from my crease up onto my orbital bone then blends the upper edge to form that gradient that I like so much. 
    • Spoolie. Synthetic. I was happy to get this in this kit. I picked up a spoolie in a clearance sale in an Avon catalogue in 1994 for .49 and it's served me well ever since but it is beginning to show it's age. Plus, this one is so pretty! 
    • Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush. Natural hair. Big, soft, fluffy blending brush. This bad boy is great for fast washes of colour across the whole lid or blowing out a smokey eye for day. Great brush. Just watch it. This brush is very good at it's job! 
    • Smudge Brush. Natural hair. Say hello to my little friend! This brush is a wonder for applying shadow under the lower lash line, smudging liner, applying dark colour along the top lash line... It is perfect for that precise application of the inner corner highlight. Fabulous little brush. Fabulous.
    • Angled Liner Brush. Synthetic. Applies liner very nicely. I like it. 
    • Precision Smudge Brush. Natural Hair. AKA Pencil Brush. Crease Brush... Call it what you will, it's a good, all around crease, inner corner, outer V, under the eye brush. This baby gets a good deal of use and it never lets me down. 

    The Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Professional Brush Set is fantastic. It is sleek, pretty and well made. The handles and ferrules are solidly affixed, the bristles seem to be glued in well. I have had a little bit of shedding with the natural hair brushes with the first few uses and cleanings but that is tapering off, now. Overall, this brush set is a terrific value for the price and I couldn't be happier with it.

    I am so glad that I pulled the trigger on this brush set when I saw it on the Target website. If I had hesitated, I would be kicking myself, now. This set retails for $49.00 and is a Target exclusive. It is sold out online but I am hearing reports of sets still being found at random Target stores. If you want one, sashay your self out and hunt! And if you find one, grab it, fast. It is worth looking for.

    Do you own this brush set? What do you think of it? Do you like it? Please do tell. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you so much for coming by and reading and have a beautiful day.

    Lancome Lip Lover Dewy Colour Lip Perfecter: Review

    Hello gentle reader.

    Lancome Lip Lover Dewey Color Lip Perfecter is a makeup product I rarely hear about and this is something I honestly don't understand. Lip Lover is a newer item in Lancome's line and it is a beaut. Let's take a look, shall we?

    Lancome Lip Lover is a glossy lip product that is part lip colour, part lip gloss, part lip perfecter. It is moisturizing, cushioning, comfortable while delivering great pigmentation and high shine. This lip colour is very silky on the lips, it doesn't feel at all thick or sticky, wear time is decent for a glossy lip colour.

    The packaging is a sleek, silver and clear tube with a fun click button cap release. Application is accomplished via a firm, pointed doe foot applicator. I like that this applicator can precisely place product along my lip line and cupid's bow for a neat, clean line then pick up enough product to fill my lips in quickly.

    Ingredients: (From the Nordstrom website. I love you, but not enough to type all of that out, myself.)

    Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Hydrogenated Styrene/Methyl Styrene/Indene Copolymer, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Hydrogenated Styrene/Butadiene Copolymer, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Hydrogenated Castor Oil Isostearate, Bis-Behenyl/Isostearyl/Phytosteryl Dimer Dilinoleyl Dimer, Dilinoleate, Cetyl Dimethicone, Silica Silylate, Tin Oxide, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Silica, Alumina, Magnesium Silicate, Caprylyl Glycol, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Pentylene Glycol, Poly C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Geraniol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Parfum / Fragrance; May Contain: Ci 15850 / Red 6, Ci 15850 / Red 7, Ci 15850 / Red 7 Lake, Ci 15985 / Yellow 6 Lake, Ci 19140 / Yellow 5 Lake, Ci 42090 / Blue 1 Lake, Ci 45380 / Red 22 Lake, Ci 45410 / Red 28 Lake, Ci 75470 / Carmine.

    Shade number 337 Lip Lover is a pretty wearable, juicy pink. It is pigmented, subtly shimmery, just enough to add a little light, not sparkle to your lips.

    Lancome Lip Lover on. See what I mean? Isn't it pretty? It makes even my old lips look gooood.

    Lancome Lip Lover Dewy Colour Lip Perfecter can be purchased at Lancome counters in any major department store or from their websites that carry the brand. I bought mine from Dillard's. A tube of Lip Lover contains 4.5 mL/0.15 fl oz of product and retails for $23.00.

    Have you tried Lancome Lip Lover? Which shade do you you own? Do you like it? If you don't yet have it, are you now thinking of picking it up and giving it a go? Please do tell, I'd love to hear what you think.

    Thank you so much for coming by and reading my review of this pretty lippie. Take care and have a beautiful day!