OPI Neon Collection

Hello gentle reader.

Nothing like Summer neons in Autumn. Yep. I am a sad excuse of a blogger, lately. I have so many polishes that I need to swatch, photograph and talk about. Some going way back to Spring. I just kept buying and setting aside and stash diving for polishes to wear. Because I suck like that.

The OPI Neons this year are particularly pretty. Some are shimmery, some not. This collection includes a white base coat to amp up these neons and make them look more opaque with fewer coats applied. But, since one is applying the white base, one is still applying plenty of coats. Six one, half a dozen the other.

All of these shots are two coats of the neons over two coats of Put a Coat On It and are topped with Seche Vite.

First up, Hotter Than You Pink and Push and Pur-Pull:

Hotter Than You Pink is a beautiful, bright bubblegum pink neon with a blue-ish shimmer. This is one of the prettiest neon polishes I own. This polish has a pretty nice formula. A bit thin and uneven on the first coat but it evened out very nicely on the second. Seche Vite made it perfect.

Push and Pur-Pull is a purple neon jelly. This polish is very thin and applied streaky, I really should have applied a third coat. Lazy slag that I am, I didn't. It still looked pretty good with two.

Now we have Life Gave Me Lemons and You Are So Out of Lime:

Life Gave Me Lemons is a slightly green toned neon yellow creme. The formula wasn't bad. I really like this colour, the green tinge makes it very wearable and a bit different than the usual bright yellow.

You Are So Out of Lime is a lime green neon creme. The formula is pretty good, a bit streaky but it evens out nicely. Sadly, my photographs of this colour are not terribly accurate. My poor camera took one look at this and ran in the other direction. I'm thinking it is about time to break down, join the Cloud and learn some basic Photoshop so that I can fix little things like this.

Moving on.

Lastly there is Juice Bar Hopping and Down to the Core-Al: 

Juice Bar Hopping is a clear, juicy neon orange. This colour is very bright, grab your sunglasses or singe your retinas bright. The formula on this one gave me a lot of trouble, it was very streaky and it bubbled. Thank you Seche Vite, you smooth troubled polish.

Down To the Core-Al is a hot, bright orange coral with shimmer. The formula on this one is good.

Bright, fun neon dots!

Overall, these polishes are good. Like most neons, they want a white base for maximum pop and can be a bit streaky and titchy to work with until you get a feel for them. I applied two coats for these manicures, I really should have applied three. Dry time is good on these polishes but with the number of coats, including the base, it takes a little time for them to cure. Wear time isn't stellar. I got two days or so out of each manicure. A little longer from the dotted, I think because I applied extra top coat.

These polishes are available, here and there but they are getting a little hard to find.

Did you get any of these bright, fun neons and enjoy them this Summer?

Thank you for swinging by and reading. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.