Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Limited Edition 15 Piece Professional Brush Set Review

Hello gentle reader.

A while back I was swanning around on the Target website and I ran across the Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary 15 Piece Limited Edition Professional Brush Set. It was beginning to get some buzz on the blogs so I pulled the trigger on that set without hesitation. Unusual for me. I am an online shopping ditherer. I chose the pick up at my local store option and from the time I placed my order to receiving the text that my brushes were ready to come home, it was ten or fifteen minutes. Talk about instant gratification online shopping!

I feel like kind of a jerk doing this review because this brush set has become difficult to find. But not enough of a jerk to not do the review. Now, how's that for rocking sentence structure? Want to indulge in more crappy grammar? Read on.

This beautiful, limited edition, purple and gold fifteen brush set was created to celebrate fifteen years of award winning brushes by Sonia Kashuk. The brush set was packaged in a flat, red and silver presentation box with Thank You in different languages written all over it. In the box is a clear, moulded bed in which nestled the fifteen brushes, all safe and ready to delight the eye or to be given as a gift.

These special edition brushes have deep aubergine plastic handles with Sonia Kashuk imprinted on them in gold tone. There are no numbers or brush functions printed on the handles. Some may find this to be an inconvenience. I don't. I have been slapping makeup on this old face long enough that I pretty much know which brush does what. And there is a legend on the back of the box. The handles are tipped in gold tone and the ferrules are gold tone, as well. All of the brush heads are a beautiful saturated purple.

The brush fibers are a mix of natural hair and synthetic.

The Face Brushes from the top:

  • Powder Brush. Natural hair. Very soft and fluffy. Not densely packed. Sweeps powder or bronzer onto the skin without disturbing the foundation. 
  • Blush Brush. Natural hair. Very soft and fluffy. Not densely packed. This is a nice brush for pigmented powder blushes or for spot application of setting powders. 
  • Contour Brush. Natural hair. Very soft, short, densely packed brush applies contour in a precise and controlled fashion. I am loving this brush! I never want to apply contour with a standard angled brush, again. This brush has changed my contouring life! 
  • Angled Multipurpose Brush. Synthetic. Densely packed. Kind of prickly and scratchy, to me. I have tried to make this work for foundation application and it just leaves my makeup looking streaky and brushstroke-y. I think I am going to repurpose this one to masque and other skin treatment application. 
  • Duo Fiber Buffing Brush. This is a mix of natural and synthetic hairs. This brush is dense and very soft. I keep petting it as I go by but I have yet to put it to use.
  • Foundation Brush. Synthetic. *le sigh* You all know how I feel about these brushes. Thanks to the lovely and creative Nidia of Lit From Within I now have a use for the once useless paddle foundation brushes! At Nidia's suggestion, I started using them to apply masque and sticky scrubs and so on. I should be able to use them for peels, too. Freaking brilliant!I love you, Nidia. Great idea. So, if you have a pile of paddle brushes languishing in a drawer, haul a couple of those lazy bitches out and put them to work! 

On to the Eye Brushes:

  • Concealer Brush. Synthetic. Applies concealer, cream shadow, even powder shadow. I like it best for creamy concealer and cream shadow. 
  • Small Eye Shadow Brush. Natural Hair. This is a nice brush for soft, easy looks. It doesn't really pack colour on the lid like a dense, flat shader but it does a nice job of sweeping the colour across the lid and blending, too. 
  • Blending Brush. And how! This natural hair brush does it's job like a champ. So soft, there is no irritation to the delicate eye area but it is just firm and fluffy enough to get in there and soften edges, blend shades and colours together and make your eye look like a dream scene. Excellent brush.
  • Crease Brush. Natural hair. Yep. This does good crease work. Because I am a hooded eyed old battleaxe and this brush is a bit on the "plump" side for a crease brush (I tend to favor pencil brushes for crease work) I need to use a little care with this brush or shit can get out of control, fast. This brush is very soft but firm enough that with care does an excellent job of pulling a deep colour from my crease up onto my orbital bone then blends the upper edge to form that gradient that I like so much. 
  • Spoolie. Synthetic. I was happy to get this in this kit. I picked up a spoolie in a clearance sale in an Avon catalogue in 1994 for .49 and it's served me well ever since but it is beginning to show it's age. Plus, this one is so pretty! 
  • Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush. Natural hair. Big, soft, fluffy blending brush. This bad boy is great for fast washes of colour across the whole lid or blowing out a smokey eye for day. Great brush. Just watch it. This brush is very good at it's job! 
  • Smudge Brush. Natural hair. Say hello to my little friend! This brush is a wonder for applying shadow under the lower lash line, smudging liner, applying dark colour along the top lash line... It is perfect for that precise application of the inner corner highlight. Fabulous little brush. Fabulous.
  • Angled Liner Brush. Synthetic. Applies liner very nicely. I like it. 
  • Precision Smudge Brush. Natural Hair. AKA Pencil Brush. Crease Brush... Call it what you will, it's a good, all around crease, inner corner, outer V, under the eye brush. This baby gets a good deal of use and it never lets me down. 

The Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Professional Brush Set is fantastic. It is sleek, pretty and well made. The handles and ferrules are solidly affixed, the bristles seem to be glued in well. I have had a little bit of shedding with the natural hair brushes with the first few uses and cleanings but that is tapering off, now. Overall, this brush set is a terrific value for the price and I couldn't be happier with it.

I am so glad that I pulled the trigger on this brush set when I saw it on the Target website. If I had hesitated, I would be kicking myself, now. This set retails for $49.00 and is a Target exclusive. It is sold out online but I am hearing reports of sets still being found at random Target stores. If you want one, sashay your self out and hunt! And if you find one, grab it, fast. It is worth looking for.

Do you own this brush set? What do you think of it? Do you like it? Please do tell. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much for coming by and reading and have a beautiful day.