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Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art for Reasons

Hello gentle reader. Breast cancer awareness is a cause that is close to my heart and seared into my soul. I lost my mother to breast cancer last November. She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease and in spite of all best efforts and treatment, it spread fast and took her from us far, far too soon. I am not going to argue pink washing and ribbons and whether it is all "right" or "wrong." If my loss taught me anything it is that there is no right or wrong. There is only what there is. And while I strongly object to the rampant consumerism and the corporate money grab that has unfortunately become such a pervasive part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in the end, if all of these pink ribbons all over the place and BCA this and BCA that reminds just one woman to get checked, find her malignancy early and her life is saved; if just one daughter is not made to endure the devastating loss that I did, I am not going to speak too harshly against it. I

Lorac Mega Pro Palette: Review, Photographs and Some Swatches

Hello gentle reader. In an epic dick move, I am going to do a post on a palette that was limited edition, highly sought after and sold out so fast that people barely had a chance to take a breath and it was gone. I'm not doing this review post to rub noses, to do a "Neener-neener!" or show off. I am just really thrilled that I actually managed to get in on a super limited edition, online only palette (not something that happens to me, very often!) and I want to talk about it and share it with my gentle readers. The Lorac Mega Pro Palette was marketed to be part of the Lorac Royal Collection for Holiday 2014. The exterior of the palette is the signature Lorac Pro palette cover material in a beautiful warm brick red with bold gold lettering. I love the look and feel of this palette. Like all of the Pro palettes, it is very slim and lightweight and easy to hold in the hand. The width of this palette is just about that of two full single Pro palettes and is just as

Foundation Fail: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

Hello gentle reader. My hunt for my new, perfect foundation is turning out to be a nightmare. I have pretty demanding requirements: My foundation has to have buildable light/medium coverage, be compatible with my very dry skin, be satin to matte, very flexible and of course, free of all chemical sunscreens. So far, the foundations I have tried have been a wash. The foundation we are going to talk about today is no exception. This is Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup in 1.0. I live in Bum Fuck Egypt and until just the other day, there was no store in which I could obtain a sample so I just read reviews and took my best guess and ordered the full size bottle from the Ulta website. Big mistake. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup in shade 1.0. Urban Decay says that this is a virtually invisible liquid foundation that creates a luminous, demi-matte finish. There are eighteen shades, ranging from porcelain to deep, in warm a