Bargain Beauty Find: L'Oreal Collection Privee The Perfect Nudes in Doutzen's Nude

Hello gentle reader.

Nude lipstick. We all need at least one. But it's not always easy to find just the right shade for our skin tone and style. Do we go more brown? More pink? More peach? Lighter? Deeper? And, if we want a paler, nude lip and have pigmented lips, how do we cope?

It's enough to drive you but silly out of your mind.

I have been scrounging around for a flattering, easy wearing nude lipstick for a while, now. Not too diligently, I must admit... I usually just grab a nude-y lip gloss and slop that on when I want a more neutral lip but I decided that I needed some nude lipstick action, too.

One of my recent acquisitions is from a newer L'Oreal lipstick line.


This is the L'Oreal Collection Prevee The Perfect Nudes Lipstick  in Doutzen's Nude. I love the packaging in this new-ish line of nude lipsticks. The tube is square, rounded off and angled at the top. The surface is a slightly "rubbery" feeling mate black and there is a wide, slightly domed gold band running the diameter of the tube that is embossed with the brand logo. On the tube is printed, in gold, the collection and name.

L'Oreal is stepping up their game on packaging and on their lipstick bullet design. As you twist up the bullet, you see the L'Oreal embossed in the lipstick. Fawncy. The shade of this lipstick is a soft, very light pink with a hint of iridescent pearle. This lipstick invokes the feel of an old school sixties nude pink without that chalky or obnoxiously frosty quality.

When I said that this pink is pale, I meant pale! This is a swatch in the back of my hand, under natural light conditions.

On the lips. L'Oreal Privee The Perfect Nudes Lipstick in Doutzen's Nude is smooth, creamy, pigmented enough to just about flawlessly deal with my very red lips. This lipstick applies like a dream; it glides on without pulling, dragging or skipping. I need to pile it on a little to get a good "blanked out" effect. If your lips aren't as pigmented, you won't need to work it as hard. This lipstick is weightless, comfortable and doesn't dry out or irritate my sensitive, bitchy lips. L'Oreal Privee lipsticks are chemical sunscreen free.

Wear time is about average for a lightweight, silky lipstick. It doesn't survive eating and drinking with much grace but it does wear off evenly and without breaking, clotting or looking patchy and gross. I am a habitual lip checker so touch ups aren't troublesome to me.

Buckle up kids, full face shot ahead. So's you can see how it works with my skin tone.

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I like this lipstick. The shade seems to suit me and it is a happy, comfortable experience for my lips to wear. I think that I would like to try Juliana's Nude, as well. It is also formulated for fair skin but is more peachy-nude. 

If you are looking for an affordable, wearable nude that is flattering to you L'Oreal Collection Privee The Perfect Nudes may have just the one you are looking for. There are six beautiful shades targeted to skin tones from fair to deep. You can find these lipsticks at drugstores and your local Ulta. This lipstick retails for about eight dollars but most drugstores and Ulta frequently have Buy One/Get One 1/2 Off sales and there are always coupons that are easy to find and use to make these lipsticks even more affordable. 

Have you tried this line of nude lipsticks? Did you find a shade that worked for you? What is your favorite nude lipstick? Please tell in a comment. Maybe I'll feel enabled to try something new.