Bobbi Brown High Light Powder in Pink Glow

Hello gentle reader.

I was kicking around in the beauty section of the Nordstrom website and I ran across this beauty. Bobbi Brown High Light Powder in Pink Glow. Uh-oh! My inner magpie went into drool mode and I knew that I was in trouble. I socked it away on my ever growing wishlist and clicked out, to give myself some time to think about it. While it isn't prohibitively expensive, it is spendy enough that I didn't want to impulse buy. And, I'm really glad that I waited. When I went back to purchase, it had been temporarily marked down five dollars. Thank you, Nordstrom.

Bobbi Brown High Light Powder is a limited edition offering, part of their Scotch on the Rocks holiday collection. It comes in two shades, Pink Glow, which I chose and Bronze Glow. The highlighter came to me in a pretty gold stamped leather look box printed to appear trimmed in ribbon. Now, call me cray but, for what I had to pay for that highlighter, would a snazzy leather box with real ribbon on it really be asking too much?

Yes? I thought so.

Doesn't hurt to ask.

Open the pretty outer box and inside is a sleek, plastic faux tortoise compact that feels light but solid in the hand. Push the little button on the front edge and the lid springs open to reveal the reason why we are all here.

A full sized mirror covers the upper inside of the lid to serve your every check your look need. In the pan is a pillowy, tile pattern embossed cake of highlighter joy. In person and in my photographs, this Pink Glow highlighter looks a bit tan. When I first opened it, I was a bit taken aback and I wondered if I had been sent the wrong product. I flipped it over, the label said Pink Glow. I picked up a little of the powder with my finger and swatched it on my hand. It's not tan.

Over the top of the highlighter is splashed a silver what seems to be over spray. It appears to be breaking up and fading away in a spot or two but it's holding on pretty tight, right now. I am not willing to dig and scrape up my highlighter to find out what exactly is going on. Time will tell.

The surface of the powder is very soft, silky and picks up with a light touch of the finger or brush. It applies smoothly and blends out readily without any chalky dryness, skipping or dragging.

Le Swatch. A swipe and a blur. This highlighter is not Barbie or bubblegum. It is delicate, very glow-y with a sprinkle of diamond sparkle. That sparkle may be from the silvery over spray. I think? Whatever the case, this is beautiful.

Mama Magpie is happy.

Bobbi Brown High Light Powder  in Pink Glow or Bronze Glow can be purchased from Nordstrom, the Bronze Glow is available on Sephora and both shades are available from Saks.

Bobbi Brown High Light Powder has 0.04 oz of product and is $45.00.

Tell me, gentle reader, did you pick up this highlighter in either shade? Are you thinking of doing so? How is your holiday makeup shopping going?