China Glaze Apocalypse of Colour Collection for Hallowe'en, 2014: Swatches, Photographs and Review

Hello gentle reader.

Another China Glaze Hallowe'en polish collection that I just had to have.

China Glaze Apocalypse of Colour, Hallowe'en, 2014 nail polish collection is a six piece collection comprised of five new polishes and one re promote. These are all, with the exception of the glow in the dark top coat, glitter polishes. Some are matte, some more traditional style glitters. The colours are spooky glam as are the names.

Let's take a look at the collection. I left out Ghoulish Glow. I got it with this collection but I always have trouble getting it to work so I left it out of this post.

I Love Your Guts. Raspberry pink textured matte base with pink and silvery shimmer and tiny black matte glitter. This is two coats. No top coat. Application isn't difficult, at all. Just don't overwork it too much, it can drag off if you do. Otherwise, the formula and application are easy.

I Love Your Guts with top coat. Shiny top coat really brings out the depth of colour, the different shimmery elements and makes the black glitter stand out. I like this better, much better with top coat.

But of Corpse. This is the same formula as I Love Your Guts, above. Only green. Same formula, application, everything. Only green.

But of Corpse with top coat. Again, I like this much better with top coat. While I like certain matte, textured polishes, these are prettier, shiny.

Getting to Gnaw You. Another matte black base but not textured, this one has fine coppery glitter. This is two coats and top coat. Application was easy, as with the previous polishes, don't try to overwork this one! It drags, bad. Have plenty of polish on the brush, apply swiftly and deftly and you'll be fine.

Don't Let the Dead Bite over Dress Me Up. Don't let the Dead Bite is a red and dark pink glitter mix of small and medium hex and tiny bars in a semi sheer, milky fleshy toned pink base. I think that it needs undies so I applied two coats of a good ridge filler, then a generous coat of Dress Me Up, then a good coat of Don't Let the Dead Bite and finished with top coat. The result is a diseased flesh effect. Quite spooky-glam. Don't Let the Dead Bite has a nice formula. It was very easy to work with and only one coat of top coat makes it super smooth and glossy and shiny.

Rest in Pieces is very pretty but to me, doesn't really read Hallowe'en. It is a coppery and holo hex and long bar glitter mix with some smaller and larger black hex pieces mixed in. This is a pretty glitter topper and I like bar glitter well enough but I have so much of it. And this glitter feels like an afterthought. As if the person who formulated it thought, "I need a Hallowe'en glitter, I'll take this random glitter mix, throw in a little black glitter and that'll do it." Meh.

What about a great mix of different sizes of hex in black, orange, purple, maybe a little white? Then add in some bats or witch hats or skulls. Now, that would be very Hallowe'en! Oh well. As I said, this is pretty. Just not ringing my bells. I applied one generous coat by patting and carefully stroking it over two coats of Roguish Red. It made for a pretty mani to wear for a couple of days.

So, that is the China Glaze Apocalypse of Colour for Hallowe'en, 2014 nail polish collection. It is pretty, the polishes are very good. It's a departure from the usual collections that China Glaze releases, this time of year.

You can buy the polishes individually or in collections from AmazonUlta (they don't have all six available on their website as of this writing), in Sally Beauty Supply stores and other beauty supplies. They are around, if you would like to have them.

What do you think of this collection? Did you pick up any of them? Like? Please do tell.