China Glaze The Giver Collection

Hello gentle reader.

China Glaze the Giver Collection is a movie tie in collection released by China Gaze when the movie The Giver came out, last Summer. I haven't seen the movie, yet or read the book. Books? I have little clue what the story is. But I knew, the moment I saw early images of these polishes that China Glaze was on to something with this collection. And even if I decide, upon seeing the movie that The Giver  blows, I can take comfort in the knowledge that these polishes don't.

The China Glaze The Giver collection is twelve coordinated muted and quiet colours that are, while gentle in nature, hardly boring. At least, I don't find them so. Let's have a look see at them, shall we? All polishes swatched over base coat and topped with Posche fast dry top coat.

Friends Forever, Right? Pale, pale, pale ever so slightly dusty pink. This looks a tiny bit more pink to the eye than in my photograph. This richly pigmented crelly applies surprisingly well, for a pastel. If your nails are ridgy jerks, like mine are ridgy jerks, use a good ridge filler. Trust me. This swatch, sans ridge filler? Three coats. Four on my ring and pinkie nails. Lesson learned.

Intelligence, Integrity, Courage. Soft, grey blue crelly. The colour of a low, overcast sky. The formula is lovely. This is two coats and top coat.

Five Rules. Dusty sage green crelly. Three coats and top coat. Great formula and application, it did want to tighten up on me on the third coat.

New Birth. Palest of blues. Slightly dusty. Beautiful. This one was a little thin and streaky, I needed three coats and top coat for full opacity and a smooth, even finish. This is so pretty, I don't care. Sometimes a polish is worth the effort.

Capacity to See Beyond. Perfect turquoise blue. Just. Perfect. The formula is as fantastic as the colour is beautiful. This is two coats and top coat.

Release. Have a bottle of dirty-dark lavender crelly beauty for your nails. This is two dreamy coats and top coat.

History of the World. Sweet fancy Moses (as a friend of mine is so fond of saying) this polish is stunning. This dusty, subdued blurple is so elegant and smooth and... My brain just melted down. The formula is nearly perfect, application a dream. This swatch is two coats and top coat.

Giver's Theme. This intense, clean violet crelly is surprisingly flattering and easy to wear. The formula on this one gave me some trouble, the first coat fought me every step of the way. The second coat went on so much better and suddenly it went from a streaky, snotty mess to smooth, opaque perfection with a hint of squish. Top coat just finished it off.

Seeing Red. Rich, warm, slightly brick-y red crelly. This is two coats plus top coat. I am such a sucker for a great red polish. This one is a beauty. So flattering. So sexy.

Community. Creamy, slightly red toned milk chocolate brown. It is weird that I don't hate this? It's weird that I don't hate this, isn't it? I think that slowly, over time, I am developing a tolerance for brown polish. Only problem, this one gave me lobster claws. I had to do serious skin tone fixing. This is two easy-peasy coats and top coat.

Boundary of Memory. This greyed out jelly base is packed with super fine black, gold and silver glitter. This polish is a tad... Snotty. The first coat was a bitch on wheels. The second coat was much easier and resulted in a perfect, if somewhat gritty and thirsty finish. Gelous then Posche finished this off to glossy, super shiny and sparkly perfection.

The Outer Edge. This is a delicate fine white matte glitter suspended in a fluid, clear base. While I suppose one could pile on enough to get this opaque, why would one wish to do so? It is so pretty as a one coat topper. It looks like super fine, grainy snow that fell, ever so briefly then stopped. This would be a terrific polish for upcoming Winter nail art. Mmm-Hmmm!

Bonus "nail art!" Ish. I topped Release with a deep V-shaped application of The Outer Edge to mimic the V in the Giver logo. Topped it with top coat.

And that is the China Glaze The Giver Collection. Isn't is beautiful? And wearable and classy and fun? Just about everyone should be able to find a shade or three that they would love to own and wear.

You can find China Glaze The Giver polishes on Amazon, eleven of the twelve are available on the Ulta website. You should be able to find them in Ulta stores, in random Sally Beauty Supply stores and other beauty supplies and retailers that carry China Glaze.

Have you picked up any of these beautiful polishes? Which shades did you get? If you're thinking about it, which ones would you like to have? Please do tell.