Lorac Mega Pro Palette: Review, Photographs and Some Swatches

Hello gentle reader.

In an epic dick move, I am going to do a post on a palette that was limited edition, highly sought after and sold out so fast that people barely had a chance to take a breath and it was gone.

I'm not doing this review post to rub noses, to do a "Neener-neener!" or show off. I am just really thrilled that I actually managed to get in on a super limited edition, online only palette (not something that happens to me, very often!) and I want to talk about it and share it with my gentle readers.

The Lorac Mega Pro Palette was marketed to be part of the Lorac Royal Collection for Holiday 2014. The exterior of the palette is the signature Lorac Pro palette cover material in a beautiful warm brick red with bold gold lettering. I love the look and feel of this palette. Like all of the Pro palettes, it is very slim and lightweight and easy to hold in the hand. The width of this palette is just about that of two full single Pro palettes and is just as long. This palette is compact enough to slip easily into a drawer yet has enough pizazz to dress up your vanity top, if you would like to leave it out. Mine is tucked away, of course. Because dust.

When you open the palette, the trim is a deep burgundy. There is a large mirror in the lid, all ready for your primping pleasure. In the body of the palette is four rows containing a total of thirty-two eye shadows. The top two rows of sixteen shadows are all mattes, the bottom two rows are all shimmers. The shade makeup is largely neutral with some wearable brights and interesting colours to mix it up and add some fun and variety. For a neutral shadow lover who likes a little "different" this palette is eye shadow heaven.

Just look at all of these beautiful neutrals and interesting, pretty colours to mix in with them! There are four repeats from the previous Pro and Pro 2 palettes: Cream, White, Espresso and Black. The other twenty-eight shades are new to this palette. There are so many beautiful shades and tones that can mix and match and coordinate and pop. A soft, subtle, work look or a bright, night out with the girls look. A come and get it, date night with your sweetie look. They are all possible with this beautiful and versatile palette. This palette can function on it's own or one can haul out other shadows and palettes and really experiment and play.

Here are swatches of some of the matte shades. I didn't swatch all of the shadows... I have no doubt that everyone has already seen all of them many times. I just wanted to feature some of my eye catchers.

And some of the shimmery shades. I am so frustrated with these photographs. These are the best I could get and they are driving me nuts. Indigo is a deep blue with purple-y glitter. It's so beautiful in person. My photos destroy it. Deep Teal is alive, not so much in this picture. Merlot has this glorious shift. You can barely see it, here. Okay. Enough whining. Clearly, I need to work on my lighting and technique.

Moving on.

The quality of the shadows in the Lorac Mega Pro palette is very good. The matte shadows are all soft, smooth, silky if a bit powdery. Pigmentation and colour payoff is very good and the shadows blend together and out without becoming a muddy mess or blending clean away.

The shimmers are velvety, buttery and extremely soft and blendable. Some are almost too soft. When I dipped my Q-Tip for swatches, I was a bit alarmed at how easily it sank in to some of the shadows. I don't know if this is the nature of the shades, themselves or if this is an artifact of the manufacturing process. I am wondering if the run was produced in haste to meet demand and the press suffered a bit? Using, swatching these shadows produces some dust and flaking. This palette is going to be a bit of a pain in the ass to keep clean and neat and I have to remember to use care with my brushes when using it. I will most certainly not be taking this palette along with me, should I do any traveling. It will stay tucked cozily away in my makeup organizer.

Minor objections about super soft shadows aside, this palette is terrific. The colours are beautiful and wearable, the overall quality of the shadows is very good and I am happy that I bought this palette. It was $59.00 and in my opinion, it is worth the price. I was honestly expecting it to be priced higher and I would have paid it, cheerfully.

Did you manage to get your hands on this palette before it sold out? If so, what do you think of it? Are you as happy with it as you expected to be? Are you loving it? Please do share.

 If you missed out on the very brief time it was available, there is a giveaway going, you can enter to win a Lorac Mega Pro Palette of your own from Leticia, the owner of Cosmetics Aficionado and some of our fellow beauty bloggers. Just click the link, travel to Leticia's blog and enter on the widget provided. Her giveaway is open until October 27th.

Thank you so much for coming by and reading. I hope that you are having a beautiful day.


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